GIANTS Editor 64bit v8.1.0 FS19

GIANTS Editor 64bit v8.1.0 FS19

8.1.0 (09.02.2019)
– Added basic convertion of mod maps from Farming Simulator 17 to Farming Simulator 19
+ Converts terrain painting to new format with combined layers
+ Converts foliage layers
+ Converts terrain detail layers
+ Adds light scattering flag to sun
+ Adjusts map xml and creates items xml
+ Add farmland info layer
+ Replaces custom shaders
+ Converts vehicle xml with new elements
– Improved foliage paint panel
– Improved info layer paint panel
– Added preview option for terrain detail texture paint mode
– Added option to navigate in scenegraph panel with arrow keys
– Fixed memory leak when applying terrain operations after undo operations
– Added new toggle options for interactive placement mode:
+ ‘S’ Scale new objects randomly (range according to preferences)
+ ‘C’ Don’t place new objects on objects created during the current session
+ ‘T’ Only place new objects on terrain

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  1. machiel de groot says:

    He does not do it to me how can that be

  2. thierry says:

    il ne marche pas votre giant edition

  3. leigh mcintyre says:

    IM looking for a windrower at least 50 m wide that can be pulled behind a Big Bud tracter, i have the largest version of the Aussie outback map with huge fields and im using a puny 18 m wide wind rower, its very time consuming baling up the hay. im asking any mod creater if they can build one like in the real world in a John Dear colour thanks

  4. Luan Vieira says:

    ola gostaria de saber por o giants editor 8.1 não abre no meu pc windows 7 64 bits
    hello i would like to know why the giants editor 8.1 doesn’t open on my windows 7 64 bit pc

  5. Charlie says:

    how do you use it??

  6. Michael Weier says:

    Can the mods be loaded on to the XBOX!X.

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