To be or not to be: GPS mod in Farming Simulator 2019

To be or not to be: GPS mod in Farming Simulator 2019

All of you that were using the beloved Farming Simulator GPS mod are now wondering if this mod will be available in the new Farming Simulator 2019 game version. So let us give you some facts about this FS19 GPS mod.

It is not yet 100% clear, but due to the fact that GPS functionality will be added to the basic FS 2019 game version, it might be that the GPS mod that you were using in the previous simulator version will not be upgraded.

The great known mod creator Upsidedown is currently working on moddeling Cattle and Crops and not spending time upgrading the LS19 GPS mod, so that it could be installed into the new game edition. So if you want to have the GPS mod, you would have to create it from scratch, if you are a modder, of course. If you are just a player and a GPS fan, then you can only hope that there will be someone, who creates or upgrades this FS19 GPS mod and also gets an approval from Upsidedown to make it legal.

So let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings us!

Farming Simulator 2019 GSP Mod

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18 Responses

  1. Moody says:

    I’d would love to play with GPS ;D

  2. Smegmology says:

    I’d love to have the previous version without updates for this mod, favorite mod of mine in Farming Simulator. Maybe in the future an update for the mod? Hope someone steps up, I’d throw a few bucks.

  3. Serega says:

    Please make a GPS mod

  4. Fred- Lzg says:

    Ich würde es sehr begrüßen, wenn der GPS-Mod für LS19 verfügbar wäre.
    Gleichermaßen vermisse ich “Follow me” als sehr nützlichen Mod

  5. GARRY DAVEY says:

    This completes the game, Most essential mod imo

  6. orquinus says:

    Bonsoir, J’espère que le créateur du mod gps le mettra à jour pour FS19 ou un autre modeur car il est vraiment top. Je trouve dommage que Giant ne l’ai pas mis sur FS19 car c’est l’agriculture d’aujourd’hui

  7. al says:

    you don’t need to recreate the entire mod i got to I got it to work a little bit but i need help with trying to register the key bindings in the menu it pops up in the mod menu

  8. dakata033 says:


  9. REC says:

    I do not see GPS functionality in the basic FARMING SIM 2019 game

  10. Aleks Aleksiev says:

    GPS mod – F*ck yeaaaa ! 😀

  11. Neoblaster says:

    +10000000000000000000000000 for GPS mod.
    The most wanted mod ever.
    I have not see GPS functionnality in game.
    Even their is GPS in base game, i prefer the GPS mod !
    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Борис says:

    Все любители игры Farming Simulator 2019 ждут этот мод gps, мододелы, просим вас поскорее заняться им!

  13. awesomegamer009 says:

    i would love to play farming simulator with the GPS mod that would be cool please bring it out

  14. Joey says:

    The hired worker uses behaves similar to the gps mod, it keeps the rows straight depending on the size of the implement you’re working with. I think the coding is there and giants could make something very easily.

  15. Carl W Popejoy says:

    I have FS19, I have not even installed it yet and I wont till the gps and the auto combine come out, the game is useless for a single player with out those two mods, this is so sad

    • Wandering Mania says:

      I have it installed and played it a bit. But without GPS my farm looks like horse pucky, and I hate that. But yeah, for SP and even MP it is a must.

  16. lars gessner says:

    hallo ihr lieben könnt ihr ein coursplyer machen für ls19 bestimmt geht es sehr toll bei ls19 ok es giebt es noch nicht bei ls19 ok wäre gut bitte schreibt mir bitte wenn ihr es fertig habt ok

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