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FS19 GPS Mod 4.0

Hi, Farming Simulator 19 fans! Here we present version 4.0 of the GPS mod for Farming Simulator 2019.
Check the video for demo of the mod!

Farming Simulator 19 – How to use GPS mod

How to buy GPS?

Before you can use GPS, you have to buy the configuration in the store!

Open the menu

To open the menu, press ctrl + s.

Configure your AB line

Go to the location where you want to configure your lines.

Press ALT+ E once to reset the creation of the AB.

Press ALT+ E again to set point A.

Click ALT+ E again to set point B.

Press ALT+ E again to create the track.

Automatic width

Press ALT + r to calculate the width of your vehicle.

Tip: Unfold and lower the vehicle for best results!

Increase / decrease width

Press alt + plus and minus to change the width

Please note that this only works after creating the track!

Angle of ground

If you’re not able to create straight lines yourself you can enable angle snapping in the menu. This will align the AB lines with the terrain.

Toggle the guidance direction
Once a track is created, press alt + x to change direction.

Control of promontories

Currently, it stops automatically at the headland when cruise control is enabled. This feature and shoot at the end of the field are still underway.


This version should work in MP, but keep in mind that there may be bugs.

* offset
+ Offset zeros
Increase + offset (right)
+ Offset lower (left)
Invert + offset
+ Rotary plow mode (offset direction depending Invert)

* Course Set
Shift + left parallel course
Shift + right course parallel
+ Turn rate by 90 °
+ Turn left heading angle
+ Turn heading angle to the right

* Save / Load
Load + course from the current slot
Save + course in the current slot
+ Next Slot
Clear + current slot
+ Display of current slot. Occupied slots are shown in bold.
+ Back a slot

* AutoTurn
+ Number of free rows up / down
+ Increase operating distance to the field edge
+ Lower operating distance to the field edge
+ Automatic mode: Switches between doing nothing or only ads / auto stop when reaching the switching distance, ie Cruise control off / automatic reversal
+ Automatic reversal to left turn or turn to the left to start
+ Automatic reversal to right turn or turn to the right start

The GPS automatically creates an xml to the mods folder. This is only for settings that each individual can adjust well in MP, without which there is problems characterized. So essentially visual stories.
The file is automatically created in the mods folder. It is necessary not huge Installiererei by hand.

Probably the most interesting setting is the “HUDSize”. Here everyone can adjust the size of the GPS HUD individually. In addition, everyone can adjust its color and line -strichelung as he pleases. Another gimmick is the steering wheel, drivers can set the appropriate mode in the GPS to default.

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83 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Do you have any idea when this will be released for Farming Sim 19? I only play with a few mods on 17, but this one is vital and I miss it.
    Thank you for all you guys and gals do!!

  2. NatureWhish says:

    We appreciate this mod!!! Thx for developing.

  3. upsidedown says:

    The creator of this Mod for FS17 is working on cattle&crops and stated that he will not work for FS anymore… sad, maybe somebody else will convert it?

    • jonathan maybury says:

      As far as I am aware the creator of this mod is you! So are you saying that you are giving permission for someone to come along and fix it to work on FS19? or are you an imposter posing as Upsidedown?

  4. kajonrage says:

    Ohhhh Boiii :'( We need you :'(

  5. DigidyDOG says:

    Is that the real “upsidedown” that is talking about himself in the 3rd person in the post above?

    I don’t understand how “FS19 GPS Mod 4.0” is “COMING SOON” if the creator of the mod isn’t making it anymore, how does that equate?

    FS19 is broken without this mod and to be honest kind of sucks without it. How do developers of AAA games make games with new features and more new things in 1 new game then GIANTS can do in 3. I just don’t understand I love the game but I think GIANT is just playing some sort of cash grab right now unless they have way more in store to give.

    • chris says:

      See, you’re complaining about a fan not wanting to do something anymore. Giants DOES have a gps mod already. its called the 3 sets of numbers, bottom right of your map. those ARE gps co-ordinates

      • pur3t4 says:

        it seems that you have never seen the gps mod, this mod does not have coordinates, but it guides the machinery and fits into a field in a straight line without deviating from its route … before commenting next time , investigate and do not talk without knowing

        • Chris Gardner says:

          Actually, i am very familiar with the mod in question. And have done my investigating enough to know that the writer of GPS is actually working on another game, called Cattle and Crops. GPS is a global positioning satellite that works off co-ordinates. which are on the map. Please, before responding with your lame attempts, investigate what you are speaking of. Thank you very much for your attempts.

          • TeeJay says:

            Everyone knows it as the GPS Mod, but in actual fact it should be known as the Autosteer mod – closer to the function to what most use it for.

            Pedantics are never helpful are they?

  6. Pedro cortes says:

    you know more or less the date for this mod. is one of the most used in my games.

  7. Jacob Hundley says:


  8. Jerome says:

    Can u release this for Ps4 Too?

  9. Chris says:

    I’m pretty sure the GPS mod is not being released as there is something in the works by giants, so far as I’m understanding.

    • TeeJay says:

      Why would they stop an unofficial mod released unless those same unofficial mod makers have some sort of insider information, which is doubtful.

    • TeeJay says:

      You do know that these are totally unofficial mods, right? And nothing to do what Giants may or may not release themselves sometime

      Whoever manages to do the GPS Mod first (and well) in FS19 will get huge amounts of kudos from the PC FS community. That’s a big incentive, surely

  10. Chris Gardner says:

    Nobody said they stopped it. infact, the original developer of the mod isnt doing it. and part of his reasoning was that Giants is doing something in their base game.

  11. OldWolf_EF says:

    Could you create a mod to be able to see the bale fork position ( distance from ground & angle ) and be able to track it as you move the fork

  12. al says:

    you don’t need to recreate the entire mod i got to I got it to work a little bit but i need help with trying to register the key bindings in the menu it pops up in the mod menu # gps mod

  13. Martin says:

    please put in this gps i green star sound as in fs17. thanks a lot. that would be terrific. Thanks

  14. jens says:

    mal frage wann kommst der GPS raus

  15. al says:

    here it is but it still doesn’t work and this is not a real upload this is for information purposes only


  16. al says:

    I think I found the problem to fix im going to take it down this was for information purposes only

  17. al says:

    the link that’s in this description is a copy of the original link THE original link HAS been taken down

    I DO NOT support the link that’s in this description

    • FS 19 Mods says:

      As I mentioned above, please upload to modsfile.com. You will be able to change or modify file if you will create an account. What is more, all modsfile.com registered users downloads mods with NO ADS and unlimited download speed. 😉

  18. al says:

    think I found the problem to fix it

  19. littledig says:

    when will the mod come out

  20. al says:

    no I found the problem to the key bindings not not showing up but I still need to rewrite code
    in a another file to make it work and if I succeed at that I still don’t know if it’s going to work

  21. al says:

    and even if I know what the problems are didn’t mean I can still fix it

  22. al says:

    there are two files that need a rewrite to make it work and one of them being the registry
    I don’t think the registry from the old file will work I think that it’s best to wait for the
    mod author to re release

  23. Chris g says:

    Mod author….theres that word again from the beginning of this thread…

  24. lolo2406 says:

    a quand le gps pour farming 19 ou qui aurais un lien pour le trouver merci a vous

  25. Dsejo says:

    Serait-il possible de créer ce mode pour la ps4.

    Would it be possible to create this mode for ps4

  26. Jean says:

    Rights be damned, if Upsidedown has moved on to another game then he forfeits his rights to the mods for this game, someone please just port the FS17 GPS mod over to 19…. I cant drive straight to save my life. Mowing and Harvesting is a pain when i have to constantly twitch the “A” and “D” keys to keep my vehicle straight, and I still end up crooked.

  27. Eduardo says:


  28. awesomegamer009 says:

    wonna play farming with the GPS Mod that so cool i played it with farming sim 17 and it was awesome

  29. Jean says:


  30. Bautista Gabutti says:

    Cuando estará no puedo mas plis :·3

  31. gurra says:

    We need this!

  32. MATHIAS JUL says:

    com out with this mod

  33. Carl W Popejoy says:

    I am waiting to install FS19 till this mod and the auto combine come out, I will just keep playing FS17 till then, I have not even opened the package for FS19 yet, if they dont get these two mods out I might just sell it on ebay lol

  34. kevin says:

    how long does this take to be download open? thanks!!!

  35. frederik.sc says:

    com on when is it coming out its been 7 months

    • Keegan says:

      You can always start scripting the mod yourself! Also someone has to get permission to modifiy this mod. Its only been three months since FS 19 came out. November is the month it came out.

  36. TeeJay says:

    No, permission is NOT required to modify something that has unofficial status. However, it should be sought merely as a courtesy to the original author, who’s now in employment for a rival, btw.

    And I think it’s pretty safe to say that GPS (for FS19 any rate) ain’t gonna happen any time soon, which I’m sad to say. Looks lie there’s too many technical difficulties to make it practical.

  37. jerrel says:

    how can i use my mirrors when i’m inside the tractor???

  38. Mario says:

    I installed the mod and tried to test it. I can set the keys but they dont work. e.g. ALT left + X or CTL-left + S for the gps menue. No one Works but the keys are set in the keyborad configuration.

  39. MadPony says:

    How do you bring up the HUD in the FS19 version? Left CTRL + Keypad 0 isn’t doing it unless I’ve done something wrong.

  40. Folkbeer says:

    It’s not working on fs19. BAAAD

  41. Crop Mainer says:

    To be able to use the GPS you first need to buy the technology for your vehicle. Either buy a new vehicle and add the GPS or drive your current vehicle to the shop and add it.

  42. GodLinn says:

    I would prefer to not have a rocket scientist figure this out this out for me. This is even harder to work than the clock on an old VHS player. I would prefer it be designed like the GPS is Farming Simulator 17 because its easy to learn and actually useful. This is a whole new level of unnecessarily hard. So please for the love of all that’s Holy re design this like the one in Farming Simulator 17 so i can actually use it. In my opinion this was a waste of my time the way it sets. Please remake this into a simpler layout.

  43. TeeJay says:

    That’s not going to happen now that Wopster’s mod has been made public. I can see more features being added and the GUI being improved upon – a FS17 GPS style HUD might be added .

    However, If being able to play and understand a couple of Youtube videos is being a rocket scientist, then call me TeeJay von Braun. If I can use this mod then anyone can, believe me. It’s not that far away from how a Agri-GPS system operates in real life, imho.

  44. LifeLessRoca says:

    Well i just found out that if you have a steering wheel you can not use the GPS mod. Hope that will be updated

  45. TeeJay says:

    The whole point of the mod is that it steers for you when you’re doing fieldrows, obviously, but I don’t see why your steering wheel would stop it from working, as I use a joystick as my main steering device.

    It is PC only, remember and I assume your keyboard is near to your wheel. For the time being, you can only operate the mod via the keyboard – unless you’ve got some macro utility running that can replicate the keyboard keypress combos from your wheel buttons.

    And th

  46. Skov99dk says:

    its too hard to learn bring me the fs17 system back

  47. berador says:

    this dont load when i get in to the game

  48. Jona_FFW_Ag says:

    only looked kutz and already disappointed that is nothing compared to the old

  49. stu says:

    They should call this mod “redundant steering mod” you have to make one straight pass then record it then park at staring point and play it back for another pass, may as well use ai driver in the first place.

  50. TeeJay says:


    Assuming you’re talking about the Guidance Steering mod from Wopster..

    You only have to record a short distance. You don’t have to drive straight either if you turn on snap to terrain (North-South West-East). And you certainly don’t need to park it at the starting point to make another pass.

  51. Ivakis_Solo says:

    Using this mod is super easy, stop complaining and read the instructions. Park at the end of the field, press Shift+S and enable angle snapping. Press Escape. Press Alt+E twice, press Alt+R and then start moving(I use cruise control activated by pressing 3). After 15 feet(count to 3-4) press Alt+E again and all is done. Press Alt+X to start following the line and just turn at the end of the field. After turning just press Alt+X to follow the line again and that’s it!
    My only complain about this mod is that angle snapping must be enabled by default, nothing else.

  52. TeeJay says:

    Well, to be fair, having it not snap to angles by default is not far from the real world. These days tractor drivers will often do their tillage at odd angles to field boundaries. It eradicates tramlines and helps to level off furrows in the field. One thing that GPS makes easy to do.

  53. Tim Barleycorn says:

    Why is the actual gps mod totally different looking than the one on the pictures here. I wish that they could make the same system that was in fs17 for fs19, so easy to use and much faster, not everyone wants a super realistic system.

  54. none says:

    lags my game when i eenable the gps in the menu on ctrl s so i uninstalled it

  55. Louis Conradie says:

    I’m NOT impressed!!.. This mod does what the default worker of the game does. With out the schlep of recording a route first .. and it only drives in a straight line. If the mod can do headlands.. like it use to.. maybe then Ill consider using this mod. 0 out of 5 from me!

  56. Chase says:

    What is the resume button for gps?

  57. J Dub says:

    Giants like every other game dev , owns all content created for the game the mod is for . just like minecraft . What they choose to do with it depends , minecraft allows mods to be created and used in the game , but state that the game is free and there for all mods created are to be used with out pay from anyone developing mods for it . Giants might be different you would have to look at the EULA . but in reality they can stop mods from being made for the game if they choose – or they can pay a maker of a mod for sole contnet rights to it and resale the mod in the base game if they so choose .

  58. Fig_Bar says:

    I can run a pass and set one up fine, but trying to load a saved rout lags the game out and nearly crashes is and still doesn’t load the rout.

  59. Spyke says:

    Well this mod is nothing like the one we had in FS17. If i’m correct the original author of that mod left this project and someone else made it? That’s sad. :/ In FS17 I loved the original GPS mod, especially the way I could drive my trucks on the field. Fixed steering angle so I didn’t have to correct my steerings all the time while driving straight ahead and those lines next to your truck showing the full working width. This mod is clearly nothing compared to the features of FS17’s GPS Mod. 🙁 I’m really sad. 🙁

  60. Marcos says:

    Necesito ayuda, al colocar este mod en un servidor dedicado, colisionan los .lua
    Si lo uso en single player o multi player funciona bien, pero al querer colocarlo en un servidor dedicado (pago) entran en colisión los .lua Alguien tiene idea de por qué y si se puede solucionar? Gracias.

  61. Azorees says:

    I don’t know why this mod is called a GPS mod ? its more of a steering mod for people who struggle driving in straight lines.
    A GPS works on satellite coordination , sending and receiving data which tells your device where you are.
    You put in your destination and the GPS device plans a route for you to that destination.

    This mod does not do that, instead it just helps you hold a straight line, I use AutoDrive and Courseplay , AutoDrive i use for my routes and Courseplay i use for working fields ect and now you can use AutoDrive with Courseplay ( not figured that side of it out yet but apparently you can instruct Courseplay to follow AutoDrive routes which will be great for refilling tools and refueling.)

    When i heard about a GPS mod i thought great i can use this for planning routes to then default places on the map, i thought i would just hit a key to open up the GPS gui and type in a destination for example ” Shop ” and the system would plan the best route using the default road network and take me there,
    I was disappointed when i found that all it does is let you drive in a straight line or an angled line.
    I’m glad that my TomTom GPS device for my Car does not act like this so called GPS mod 🙂 .

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