Farming Simulator 19 – Community Wishlist

Farming Simulator 19 – Community Wishlist

Please keep all discussion about features you hope to see in Farming Simulator 19 in here.
Personally, I would like to see more vehicle terrain effects. Not so much longer-lasting modifications to the terrain, but a more realistic response from vehicles to changes in the terrain. Driving over a plowed field, your tractor should fall into the troughs and climb over the mounds!


  • Ground Physics
    • Deformation, ala Spintires.
    • Wear. Do you know what happens to the grass/ground if a tractor goes through it a dozens times?
  • Vehicle Physics
    • Tractors should feel like the 10 ton machines they are.
    • Realistic wear, damage, repair, reliability, value depreciation.


  • Intelligent Workers
    • So we don’t have to use mods Courseplay, Follow Me, etc.

Farm Management

  • Hiring AI Workers
    • Paying them a salary.
    • Telling them to plow field 14 and they’ll go and do the job themselves without any aid, as well as…
    • Transporting equipment
    • Selling crop, etc.
  • Rebuilding Farms
    • Demolishing old buildings, replacing them with new ones.
  • Teraforming
    • Reforming the land outside the fields themselves, removing trees, bushes and even buildings to extend current or create new fields.


What’s high up on your wishlist?

Mapcreation! By this i mean we can shape our own farms within a map. For example we get a few points on the map where we have the space to built our farms. Then we as players chose what buildings we want and where we want them. In extention of this you could think of building a cow pasture but it has a certain capacity and if you want more cows you need to build another pasture or expand the existing pasture.

Cotton, pumpkins, melons, tree crops (fruit or nuts).

Beef cows, goats, fish hatchery, horses, turkeys/chickens (for eating not eggs).

I’d actually quite like to see fishing with a rod, though it’s a bit too far out from actual farming I think

I really hope they expand on the maintenance aspect of the game. I don’t really care for the current implementation, but if they expand upon it and make it so we can set up a repair shop, or even decommission old equipment and take parts from it, that would be cool!

Yes, the physics in general needs an upgrade. The machines need to feel heavy, you need to feel like you are digging through the fields and like you are compressing the earth. Right now its like the tires are made of concrete, and the soil too. they often dont look like they are even touching the ground. Would love to see a upgrade on this.

More FS19 equipment:

For me the ability to run equipment I’d never be able to drive in real life is the point! John Deere, and Kubota equipment: the two tractor brands I have IRL experience with.

Also Ford/Chevy/Dodge trucks: from all eras: mid 90s powerstrokes and gen 1 cummins to 2018 King Ranches. Also from tiny rangers to full-size super duties.

Greater job diversity:

-More crops to harvest and more animals

-More food processing: IE grow grapes to make wine, beer making, other sort of ‘artisan’ shit that small farms do.

-Landscaping: this would be a more seasons mod type thing, but I think it would be a cool way to kill time while your crops grow to throw some bark dust around the farm house, plant flowers, etc. Maybe make building a pool a summer project? The sort of things that you can save up/work towards in the later game when you own all the felids and all the equipment you need/want.

-Car Mechanic Simsque ability to fix, maintain, and tear down your tractor.

Quality of life

-Better dirt/driving physics.

-Better Pallet physics

-Better Trailer physics: tension straps for pallets where huge for FS17. Now I’d like to see ways to tie down tractors and attachments to move them.

-Better weather: Rain effects look straight outta the 90s.

  • Farm house: be really cool to be able to have a Sims-like farm house (bed to sleep in to advance time would be the number one thing) that you could interact with more. Be great if it was customizable (even just what color its painted.

I think the game would benefit from an optional role-playing element that wouldn’t affect the main farm sim aspect. For example:

  • A map where most fields are covered with trees. It’s up to you as the farmer to clear fields (instead of purchasing them) to make them farmable.
  • Upgradeable homestead. Starting with a flat, empty farmyard with one silo and one small shed (and a small house), and the ability to add silos, sheds, replacing the house with a larger one, etc as you make more money.
  • Other farmers tending their fields to make the game seem more realistic.

Other ideas:

  • The ability to lease my fields to other farmers.
  • Longer production chains similar to what Stevie does in his maps (compost, seed production, etc).
  • Waypoint system. Set a waypoint for sellpoint or farm or field. Tractor drives there, following the roads. If Cattle and crops and pull it off. Giants can deffinately do it.
  • Hired helpers using whatever is in the implement before buying. Now you can have almost enough seed for the entire field. You can either use the seed and have the helper stop. or put it on helper buying seed. Why not combine the two ? helper is using up the seed in the seeder, when he runs out he will buy the rest.
  • Delivery when buying new equipment. Pay a little extra and have whatever you bought be delivered to your farm. Instead of abusing the reset vehicle on most mod maps.
  • Used equipment. Buy a old bigger trailer used. If they implemented a better maintanance system, this would be even better feature.
  • I would love if you started with a smaller farm. Just a house and a tiny outdated silo. Now you bought and upgraded the farm. better silo. Vehicle storage and other fancy farm stuff
  • An axe to remove bushes and stuff from the map. Now after the platinum edition. You could atleast plow to remove bushes and other vegetation. But you can’t really do that everywhere. What about a tool you could do it manualy with, without actually disturbing the ground ?
  • Now we got plowing for 10% and fertilizer for 30% extra yield. What about pesticides, anti-fungus and weed killers ? Toggleable option just like plowing is now, but for those who want. Even more work on fields.
  • I want Case 7250
  • More Realistic mod as part of the game as a toggleable option
  • Gearbox mod as part of the game as a toggle able option
  • Buying used machinery (with rust shader) Restoring them would cost time and money but would bring them back to shiny new state.
  • Toggle able break downs on machinery with a service and parts truck or trailer.
  • puddles after rain (mostly in fields) with some mud effects when rolling through
  • insects and weeds invading fields
  • placeable kiosk with hireable employee where you can deliver produces (lettuce, tomato, fruits, honey, milk and eggs) for the employee to sell during the day. You make 100% money if all the listed produce are delivered to the kiosk and if you have an employee working. Produce to be able to be delivered to the kiosk need to be properly packed on pallets and not delivered in bulk.
  • placeable packing building for the produce listed above. You hire an employee, deliver bulk produce as input (lettuce, tomato, fruits, honey, milk and eggs) and the employee packs them in smaller pallets as output. You can then take these packed produce and bring them to your kiosk to be sold.

It would be interesting to see some options that get you out from behind the wheel:

  • Greenhouse work. Greenhouses are not just “fire-and-forget” revenue streams in real life. Raising tomatoes, for example, requires daily inspection of plants along with pruning, hand-pollination, manual guiding the vines along poles etc. A single small greenhouse with 500-600 plants can require several hours of daily work, and that’s not counting picking, sorting and packing.
  • Orchard work. A lot of what is required would be impossible to model, for example how you need to go over each apple tree and prune blossoms to ensure large and attractive fruit. That takes forever. They don’t need to include that, but they could at least include some kind of advanced interaction with the trees. Or, at the veryleast, allow you to assign workers that are shown standing on ladders and doing stuff in the trees (for cosmetic reasons).

I also wouldn’t mind a chance to manage some smaller-scale farms. I live and work in Japan, and the farms around here are usually no larger than 3-4 people can handle. Farmers expand only selectively, if at all. An extra map featuring a ton of small farms that you can’t buy plus your own land could be a change I and some others would enjoy. Perhaps have a mechanism in place for a bit of land to occasionally go up for sale (say, a farmer is getting old and decides to sell a rice field).

More American options in the store for equipment and tractors: Front 3 point/pto or weight options, wheel width and how many.

That beautiful ground response from Spintires has. (Maybe ask Focus Home Interactive for some help? :D)

Fat cattle option other then just dairy. (I.e. no milk production, but instead different prices for fat cattle. Add grain options to TMR, because I don’t know a single farmer who adds straw to their mixed feed.)

Better chickens for more expanded production. (Feeders, egg layers, breeders. Able to feed and water them.)

More crop diversity! Crops like oats, alfalfa, milo, peas, sweat corn.

Spudnik! They are apart of the Grimmie family, and from the United States! It would be awesome to see more North American potato and sugar beet equipment available!

Crop spacing, angle, and variants. Not all corn, beans, wheat, and potato’s are planted in the same widths, nor are they all the same variety, growth time, and yield.

And to rap it all up, I know I’m asking for a lot. By no means do I expect this to be all in Farming Simulator 19. But with future DLC’s updates and new titles, these are just what I could think of that I would love to see in Farming Simulator some day!

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17 Responses

  1. Zachary says:

    I want Real Beacons like fs17 only for consoles

  2. Michael says:

    That all sounds great but I don’t think that will happen for a long time, it will need more storage room and a higher console to run it.

  3. Hubcap says:

    I think Giants needs to secure the rights to transfer the GPS mod. This has become an integral part of the game since it was introduced. Waiting on the fella that created it will be fruitless as he is now working on cattle and crops.

  4. Hubcap says:

    I think Giants should secure the rights to convert the GPS mod from the fella that created it. Waiting on him will be fruitless as he is now working on cattle and crops. Ever since this mod was introduced it has and is an integral part of the game,

  5. ConsoleFarmer1 says:

    I want more and better console mods so if any modders can plz start making mods for console that would be awesome and i would be extremely thankful.

  6. Hammondegs says:

    For me it’s the “BRUCKS UN Bigdaddy” a great MOD from FS17 I found useful as I am lazy when it comes to forestry, but like to get rid of trees the easy way.
    Then there’s the “Nadal R90 Telescopic” also from FS17 a great way to windrow from the front of a tractor, whilst towoig a loading wagon or bailer.
    If any Modding legend is up to the conversion, I will bve only too happy to use it. Thanks.

  7. khaled says:

    Remove one contract limit. Or extend to 3-5.

  8. khaled says:

    Something like: auto combine, follow me, vehicle groups switcher, which are currently unavailable. And, of course, the ability to send an assistant to the specified location on the map.

  9. ianex says:

    for me it would be the claas xerion 5000, bruks unbigdaddy or the Rabaud XYLOR something to get rid of the trees and stumps in one cutting limbs off the trees trying to move them and then cut the stumps takes to long

  10. Y says:

    Marriage and family. Interactive AI’s.

  11. Kyle Munro says:

    could we get a kubota m7 mod for console and pc

  12. dixiemay366 says:

    Field service trailer would be nice, saves having to pull off fields to fuel up. 🙂

  13. Mark Maurer says:

    Need Old Iron, like Oliver, Farmall, Massy Harris, Minneapolis Moline, and White manufactures. Also, need open station & two wheel drive tractors.

  14. Mark Maurer says:

    Need a hook truck for the IT Runner. Containers aren’t hauled by trailer much in real life, they are hauled on a hook truck.

  15. FarmBoy says:

    i would like to have a way to secure the tractor and its attachment or trailer on the trailer, not only cargo

    and when you join friends on their farm,you should have an option on to download their mods

    and then i would like the traffic to be moveble, like when i hit them With a 50 tonns truck its like im hitting a wall

  16. Leif Banke says:

    I had a great mod in fs17. When you have many vehicles it can be a pain when you have to press tap 10 or more times to jump to the one you want to drive. With that mod you could go to a vehicle press ctlr+t to disable it, so when you press tap you dident jump to that vehicle. And then go the vehicle again press ctlr+t to enable it again.

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