Animal Pen Extension v1.1.0.0 FS19

Animal Pen Extension v1.1.0.0 FS19

This global script enhances the default animal pens and supported mod animal pens by adding the following features.

[Water Addon]
For a small purchase fee your local plumber will construct a pipeline to provide you an easy way to maintain your animal water supply.

[Milk Addon]
Are you to busy to deliver your cow milk to the best sell point. For a small fee you can request a local contractor to do this for you at the best price available.
Lets just hope there is not a delay to stop them arriving when you need them.

[Chicken Addon]
After careful research the local farmers have decided that they should give water to their Chickens also, it is only fair. So your chicken pens will now have a water trough added to enhance your gameplay.
This ‘ADDON’ will also add support for the ‘Water Addon’ when this feature is active.

Release Log:

1. Initial release.

1.’MilkAddon’ Sales Area position fixed on Large cow pasture.
2. Spanish translation added.

1.’WaterAddon’ A valve and a spout can now be manually positioned on mod / map animal pens that are not already pre-configured.
2.’WaterAddon’ Rain water will be collected in animal water troughs of mod / map animal pens that are not already pre-configured.
3. Czech translation added.


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3 Responses

  1. Grant Wadley says:

    Placeable Valve and Spout Controls I have found out so far:

    R – Enters Valve to move
    G – Switch Object
    [Left Mouse Button] + Move mouse – Moves Object
    [Right Mouse Button] + Move mouse – Rotates Object Left or Right
    [Page Up] or [Page Down] – Moves object up or down
    [Enter Key] – Permanently Fixes objects in place

    DO NOT TAB WHILE MOVING OBJECTS – Hard or impossible to get back to move mode, have to restart save game to restart moving

    Note to Mod Author: Thanks for the great mod! If you could proper instructions to the mod desc xml that would be swell

  2. Shanthez says:

    I really try to make that with this mod pack But i really cant find out how to do it, any chance yóu could help me out?

  3. Colin Campbell says:

    Why can i not get the machine to request a milk contractor to take my milk? I have got the water pipes working fine but cant get rid of the milk as the machine is not showing on any of the cow yards? I’m playing on Eire Ireland is this why?

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