Placeable Sawmill Pack v1.1.0.1 FS19

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Placeable Sawmill Pack v1.1.0.1 FS19

Please sell all pallets and heaps beforehand)
– Pallet paths customized
– Pallets and bark mulch Correct storage / retrieval in the GlobalMarkt
– Bark mulch can now be loaded directly into a trailer
– Global Company from v1.5.0.0 required!

– Sawmill Season 9day Heap Problem Fix / seasons 9d Heap fixed
– Sawmill output display fix / output display fix
– Spawn empty pallets fix / empty pallets spawn point fixed
– Empty pallets Autoload Fix / empty pallets Aoutoload fixed
– Coli / boards pallets collision fix
– Warning CPU Mesh Fix
– TipColi in walls etc. adjusted / walls TipColi fixed and slightly adjusted
– Log storage adjustment
– Registration of products in sales outlets that accept wood chips, empty pallets also for wool sales / products sellable at sellstations for woodchips, empty pallets also at sellpoints for wool
– Snow on the roofs in winter / snow on roofs (seasons winter)
– Snowmask fix
– new store pictures / new storepictures

After a long building phase, hours after hours of despair, here it is!

Kastor proudly presents

You think, sawmill is like sawmill, Wood in, Money out?
Then be prepared for the ultimate, no not near-death but wooden experience.
You are more into wood then wheat, you didn’t see the map cause of too much trees?
Here is your possibility to get satisfied, let the saw fly, grub like worldchampions, let the harvester glow.
Full animated, processing of the trees to increase your earnings from every tree, like always made with passion and extensively tested. Make beams and boards, process it too wrapped beams and paletts, get the max out of every tree.

The sawmill is dead, long live the sawmill.

Kastor, Kevink98, Eribus (nochmal extra danke für deine Huds und das LOGO ,Giants

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6 Responses

  1. Kobe Janssens says:


    I download the mod on an other site but I can’t get him to work :/
    Can you help?


  2. Rookie says:

    Hi – Recently having issues with this mod causing the “Straw Harvest” mod’s sell point to break.

    Hope it will get fixed.

    Thx in advance

  3. TheFarmer123 says:

    i just happen to come across a small bug in your sawmill.
    I guess there is something wrong with the GC Language Manager, as it points out that in the files ‘l10n_de.xml’ and ‘l10n_en.xml’ a prefix or subprefix is missing. Hope anyone can fix this 🙂

  4. Hey says:

    The factory names are missing in the Game.

  5. glenn says:

    hello, i cant lift any of the product, like the beams and boards. they are stuck to the sawmill

  6. weston says:

    can you make a ventrac tractor pack

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