Honey Dew Farms Xl v1.0.0.4 FS19

Honey Dew Farms Xl v1.0.0.4 FS19

I made everyting at the main farm sellable. So if you want to start from scratch then just delete the defaultVehicle file and you are good to go.Also remember to delete the defaultVehicle file before starting on a server. This will avoid any loading issues.


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50 Responses

  1. BrazyCastard says:

    Map is broke u save it go back into the map and its all changed the landscaped everythink sunk into the ground and massive hills appear

  2. Tinman says:

    I have to say that’s the funniest comment by a troll yet. Good luck….lol

  3. Reginald Jackson says:

    poorly optimized , menus lag and every second field lags down to 30fps ,It’s really not rendering much of anything as far as details so it should be running at a full 60fps like the default maps

  4. Neo says:

    this map is great with no issues at all, i uploaded it to my server and i’m on it now. and my ms is under 30 and fps is 60 So Great Map. Keep Up The Good Work.

  5. thierry gabriel says:

    This map is not fonctionned

  6. BrazyCastard says:

    thers sumthink not set right on the map as all the mods i use work fine on diff maps so its a map issue/bug

  7. ron says:

    Field 1 appears in the hud that needs plowing and is already plowed.

  8. chris says:

    map seems to work till i start driving around, then the view locks up outside of about 90 degrees of functional view.
    ill check back if i see any more updates

  9. Tigron says:

    map is ok so far but 2 things I see wrong.
    Central Grain Elevator sell point does not work and the fruits are listed twice.

    • Josh says:

      Don’t use the dual compartment tipper trailer – other trailers do work on this sell point but there’s a glitch with the dual compartment trailer.

  10. Krooked says:

    Like the map but I dont know if I did something wrong when i save and load back up the landscape is sunken and everything is gone

  11. Marko Sučić says:

    I like the map because it’s flat and big. the only thing you would prefer is that the fields are smaller and that they are sized, for example, from 0.5 hectares to 8 hectares. it would be good to have drainage channels beside the fields as in reality and the paths to the fields to be like the machines! also that instead of the largest field which in my opinion is really too big for example forests. bought that fs 19 the first day he came out I still do not play because no folder is good! but this along with these changes would be good enough for me and for my taste 🙂

  12. Marko Sučić says:

    eg SOSNOVKA folder in fs 17 is seemingly boring map but the fields are awesome.

  13. Jean says:

    Hey Tinman, I didn’t like the starting area’s layout and overall look. I took a few minutes to tweak it and was wondering if you wanted to look over it and maybe adapt it to your official Map Mod? All credit goes to you for making this map of course, I just cleaned up the beginning area a bit, more to my playstyle… I just don’t know how to send you the zip. Overall this map is fun and bug free, kudos.

  14. Doug Westland says:

    Hi there Tinman , great map man , useing it on a dedicated server . Only one big problem , biogas , trigger not working and seems to be in wrong place . Have a silo full and can`t tip in to plant

  15. Joomlad says:

    flat is boring. needs some hills

  16. Joey says:

    I like playing on this map on the pc is there anyway you can put it on Giants for the consoles

  17. pcdoc says:

    Tinmen the belt system has a problem, belt won’t run from silage bunker. Only runs for a short time when I tab away then stops again.

  18. Manyak says:

    hello on map is only 6 crops?

  19. Manyak says:

    in map is only 6 crops ? thanks

  20. AndersonRB. says:

    não consigo usar o curral, de nenhum animal, fala que não tenho nenhum e não da para remover o que está la na sede.

  21. Anderson says:

    Os currais não estão funcionando.

  22. Hydron says:

    Using this map as my first play through, didn’t really like the blank starting areas at the start but now I have things placed down its much better. All working fine so far.

  23. Bill J. says:

    Is their a way to delete the house and animal buildings at the main farm, have to purchase them and then have doubles dont look realistic.

  24. Josh says:

    Hoping the creator will respond – how do you get the product/grain out of the ‘public’ silos? I’ve got product in them but I go to every Grain Elevator and none seem to allow me to load to a trailer to retrieve the product

  25. Josh says:

    Hoping the creator responds – LOVE the map and have spent a ton of time on it (over 50hrs so far) but had one question – how do you retrieve the product/grain at the ‘public’ storage locations? I’ve tried each grain elevator but none seem to have a trigger point to load a trailer – not sure if I’m just missing it or what but I’ve got about 120K+ worth of product I can’t retrieve

  26. Joe says:

    For some reason, I can’t get the Maus to work on this map. I refuses to pick up silage at the BioGas plant or anywhere else.

  27. corbin says:

    I downloaded it and wasn’t able to get it to work on my PC. is there anything special I need to do?

  28. Josh says:

    Same issue as Joe. the Maus just doesn’t seem to function anywhere. The Forage harvester also seems to be broken. It appeared to work at first but then just doesn’t do anything. It seemed to work OK until i changed time speed, then it was spotty. Then I attempted to change headers it just destroyed crop after that.

  29. Manyak says:

    how fix farm im sell fence on sheep but fence still in map how fix ?

  30. Jamien says:

    I really like the map, and looking fwd to the next even larger one.

    Just one thing though, as someone else already mentioned- animals pens are not active / cannot be bought and brought into and also the animal pens cannot be sold to remove the ones we don’t want.

    Otherwise -this mod has really enhanced my enjoyment of the game!

  31. alex says:

    put 16 hours into the map and when I logged back in randomly, all my buildings and placed trees were gone… not happy

  32. Michael B says:

    Hi Tinman

    I would like to do a LetsPlay on my YT Channel on this map around February.
    Therefore asking permission to do this.

    Can I get in touch with you anywhere other than here?

  33. Michael B says:

    Hi Tinman

    As I have not heard anything from you, I expect it is ok with you to do so.
    If not, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Garry Uk x farmer real life retired says:

    Amazing map Ive made 3 more farms so no long hauling no issues cant wait for courseplay to be done then life would be a lot easier again gratz tinman

  35. Gemmaster10205 says:

    Love it. Nothing wrong. i see no evil nor trouble.

  36. gemmaster10205 says:

    Love it. keep up the good work.

  37. Miike says:

    I relay like the Map, but Field 19 can’t be used. You can’t buy it or complete a contract on it. Central Grain Elevator can’t onload there tried several trailers. I wish those could be fixed. Great Map.
    Thanks Tinman for making a big map.

  38. darkdaz says:

    hey there buddy, i dont no if its me or the map has been updated, but the gates at the animals pens, will they work but there is like a 2nd set of gates, , just wanted to let u no

  39. Şevket piskin says:

    Ya ben telefona indiremiyorum bana yardımcı olurmusunuz

  40. Oliver says:

    I guess I found a bug on the map. The grass is not growing to the last growth level (the orange one).
    The bug does not happen, when I load the Felsbrunn map. Does anyone have the same problem?

    I am using version

  41. aj says:

    when i go to download the mod it takes me to a page that says wrong ip

  42. cody says:

    When me, and my friend tries to play on this map it says that im missing the map i have no idea why

  43. matthew says:

    please make this map seasons ready, its the best map out here

  44. Ben Hagewood says:


  45. Griffin says:

    Aweosme map, one thing the animals thing will not work for me. i did farm manager and worked my way up to buy the land with all the animals and then no animal interaction points would work. weather buying from the dealer and taking them there or just buying them right at the pen. wont pull the menu up. any ideas?

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