FS22 Ebony Island v1.3.0.0

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FS22 Ebony Island v1.3.0.0

Ebony Island is a fictional island located somewhere around the coast of the UK. The island boasts a lush farming area set on rolling hills. The island offers something for everyone, and a lot of options to make it their own world, this is perfect for small to medium equipment. Starting a farm is an arable farm with minimal equipment for contract work.

7 farms are located around the map.
225 fields of all shapes and sizes.
Alien Jim’s cuttable hedges allow you to merge fields together easily.
Suchsneaks relight mod v1.3.
Multiple shed types, custom animal pens, Lime stations, walls, and hedges are in the build menu.
All base game production points are spread around the map (custom storage capacities for both input and output, are also available in the build menu).
100 collectible toys to be found.
Forestry plots.
Precision Farming ready (custom soil map).
Cow’s, sheep, and horse pens are all graze mod ready.
Animal food and water capacities maize plus ready
Disturbed Simulations UK GEO.
Alien Jim’s right-hand drive traffic.

Changelog (Old save game compatible)
Floating collectibles fixed
Streetlights were added on the smaller island
Some collectibles moved to new locations.
The missing red horse collectible was fixed.
Silo capacity increased (also available in the build menu).
Alien Jim’s right-hand drive traffic added.
Some houses switched out for other models.
Texture and foliage changes around houses (new save required for these changes to take effect).
Texture fixes for some sheds (originally looked very dark and weird)

Changelog (Old save game compatible)
– All sheds, barns, etc. now only spawn on New farmer mode perfect for those who want to play start from scratch
– Object shed added to some farms, capacity increased to 500.
– Farm silos are now multifruit.

– New productions = Corn Flour, Corn Bread, Diesel, Dough, Doughnuts, Pancakes, Pasteurized Milk, Sandwiches, Soybean Flour, Soybean Bread, Soybean Oil, Soybean Milk, Waffles, Yeast, Yoghurt
– New textures for the following crops = Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Grass, Meadow Grass, Maize, Potato, Sunflower
– Farm building, barns, etc. are all there regardless of game difficulty, however, to remove them now cost you money.
– Solid Fertilizer tank will now allow you to buy Solid fertilizer and Lime and both can be stored together.
– Liquid Fertilizer tank will now allow you to buy Liquid fertilizer and Herbicide and both can be stored together.
– Seed/Mineral Feed tank will now allow you to buy both and store together.
– Production modification = Bread requires Dough, Yeast, and Sunflower Oil.
– Production modification = Cake requires the normal stuff however Pasteurized Milk replaces Milk
– Production modification = Milk is now processed into Pasteurized Milk and is used in some productions that Milk was normally used in.
– Production modification = Sugar Mill now gives a by-production of Yeast.
– Sawmill is now a building you can delete after purchasing it allowing you to use the land for other reasons.
– BGA will now give an output of Methane which can be set to store, sell, or distribute.
– BGA also now has Sugarbeet, Potato’s, and Straw as inputs which will produce Methane, Electric charge, and Digestate however Straw will not produce Digestate.
– Production Diesel requires Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Water, and Methane which can then be used on your farm or sold.
– Relight mod was removed and now uses my own custom lighting.
– Sell points updated to work with all fill types added from the Premium DLC

Note this is a safe game compatible, however for some changes to take effect a new game will be required.


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