FS22 FlatOut Farm 4X By Stevie V1.0.0.7

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FS22 FlatOut Farm 4X By Stevie V1.0.0.7

15/03/2024 17:00 UK Time Map Update, No new game required.
This update adds a 2nd placeable Farmers Market to the store and corrects a few object locations at the original included placeable Farmers Market. ModDesc moves to V1.0.0.7.

02/03/2024 17:50 UK Time Map Update, No new game required.
This update adds 4 new placables, 2 single bungalows with yards, 1 industrial yard and one remote vehicle yard with 2 sheds. It corrects a few floating objects and a sunken car on the placeable house rows, and adjusts some prices mainly for silage, tmr, lime and stones. ModDesc moves to V1.0.0.6.

25/02/2024 17:50 UK Time Map Update, No new game required.
Small fix for the duplicate warning for the modern farm house.

25/02/2024 12:40 UK Time Map Update, No new game required.
Please Read Important.
After reading some of the comments on the FS22 FlatOut Farm4X map from yesterday’s update I have done the following.
Certain missing store descriptions are fixed and some changed.
Now regarding the cows and pigs, All the requirements where raised for the1000 capacity animals. In my game my supplies added are lasting fine, food water straw etc so I suspect an external mod is causing the issue. Any way I have added to the construction store menu cowbarns and a pig barn with auto water feed. You will have to delete the pens supplied in the map and add the new ones in via the construction store menu.
I have also tested both of the Ropa’s supplied with the map and the potato headers, they are connecting to each other without error in the log so I can’t change that.
The map version moves to V1.0.0.5 NO NEW GAME is required.

24/02/2024 19:55 UK Time Map Update, No new game required.
FS22 FlatOut Farm 4X PC map, I ended up creating the farmers market as a placeable, some placeable streetlights, adding ground shading decals to most of the existing placeable yards, fixed collision on the BGA hopper conveyor so the player can get to the collectable at the top, created a new luxury placeable house, created a stones buy point, added stones and some extras to the supply silo’s, balanced some prices in the economy and speeded up the TMR mixer and a boat load of other things. The modDesc version moves to 78 and the map version moves to V1.0.0.4. NO NEW SAVE is required.

07/02/2024 19:30PM UK Time Map Update, No new game required.
Moves to V1.0.0.3, fixes map mod icon in mods, updates loading screen, balances my greenhouse productions, fixes manure heap link to pig pen and fixes the purchase trigger for the farms fuel tank storage.

The map is 4X in size and is what I was working on when I stopped and released the FS22 My Lands 4X player creation pc map. The farm yard is huge, central to the map, everything is removable, all needed productions and storage are located on the farm and it has all animals except horses. 4 large fields are included to get you going and it’s supplied with various machinery. You Also own Frankies Farm to the South West. All other productions are moved to the maps ring road which creates the maximum space for the actual farming side of things and there’s plenty of placeable areas as well. The map has a few extra fruits, is premium dlc ready and has many custom features. As with all my maps it does not support any maize plus mods, and the map needs a high lod setting overshoot in your games advanced graphics settings to look its best. Kindest regards Stevie.


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