Fliegl DPW 180 Roundbale Autoload V0.0.2.0 FS19

Fliegl DPW 180 Roundbale Autoload V0.0.2.0 FS19

Flatbed Trailer Bales Autoload mod for Farming Simulator 19 game, pc version only.

– Fliegl DPW 180 for roundbales (Shop: baling)

To activate the autoload function, set the device to working position.
The unloading point of Fliegl DPW 180 can be adjusted steplessly, on both sides and in height. So you can decide whether to unload the trailer with frontloader or place the bales directly on the ground.

GIANTS Software Edited By Bigdaddy012678

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34 Responses

  1. FarmerFerm says:

    Neither of the bale trailers work for me. I’ve installed them correctly, but they aren’t showing up.

  2. jumperuu says:

    i can’t to put on my server …

  3. lactic says:

    Is it possible to get logger version (Timberrunner)?

  4. FsNewbie says:

    if you open the zip file and move all files to new folder rename it Fliegl DPW 180 for roundbales and delete mac os in it and rezip it or vice versa if you have mac os

    • Melady says:

      Das ist ein toller mod. danke für deinen tipp mit neu zip usw. also einfach entpacken ,in neune ordner kopieren und wieder als zip packen ohne den macox ordner ! aber dessen inhalt mit kopieren und einfügen. viel spass

  5. Joe says:

    FS19 Mods says the link has been updated, still dont work. Server doesnt even see it as a mod. Does not work with Multiplayer. Needs to be removed off this site. Source code has not been released for auto trailers yet and this is ripped from the baler wagon

  6. domin says:

    Its still not working…

  7. David Richardson says:

    they dont work still, not showing up in store

  8. desmodean says:

    I can’t get it working 🙁

  9. PoneG says:

    failed to upload to server because its not supported…only ls19 mods are supported

  10. REMY says:

    Mods Génial!
    Par contre, ce mods n’autorise pas les balles carrés et donc que les rondes…
    Je pense qu’il faut attendre pour la mise à jour…

    Attendons… 😀

  11. Matty says:

    Sorry, but this mode is not working properly. I download it, install it but it will not appear in the game

  12. FsNewbie says:

    works mint thanks mate just like the video, been waiting a while for this cheers

    • FS 19 Mods says:

      Nice to hear, that it works for you now 😉

      • FsNewbie says:

        I put a trailer hitch on the ursusT32P which already had autoload but got to the barn where you sell the bales but wouldn’t fit all my trailers in had six of them haha, your mod works much better lol

  13. michael says:

    If anyone is still not getting it to work, this mod has to folders in the zip, so you will have to create a new zip and put the file that isnt mac, into that folder

  14. michael says:

    If anyone is having trouble getting this to work, you have to open the zip file and drag the folder that isnt mac, into the mods folder.

  15. bigmaster67 says:

    le mod ne fonctionne pas même en décompressé celui-ci doit être modifié

  16. Denhalen79 says:

    Loading works super. Unloading as well so far. Great mod. But it is strange that 1: You need to unzip the zipfiles in order to have them show up in the game. And 2: You have to use your mouse to choose left, right or on the trailer for unloading. Although this makes it possible for precision unloading, it is a bit weird. But I guess I will get used to it. At least I can transport 30 round bales in one go now.

  17. BDK says:

    Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod FS19_flieglDPW180SB_BD

  18. PhatMan Farming says:

    Works just fine. Thanks for the Mod

  19. luke says:

    been using both square and round version perfectly thanks for this mod 🙂

  20. steffen says:

    it shows for me but when i want to unload they stil beeing og the triler?

  21. Ken says:

    Hey so we down load it it work but the it messed up my server until we delete it off of it any fixes or thoughts

  22. mauricio krachinski says:

    meu mod

  23. Ottyker says:

    I can’t unload it because it packs it up at that moment. 😀

  24. Brett says:

    How do I get it to unload?

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