Our vision for the future Farming Simulator 2019

Our vision for the future Farming Simulator 2019

(Warning! This is just a theory of what would be the next Farming Simulator?)

Now that I am more familiar with the features of the game, so I already have in my mind, what could be the Farming Simulator 2019-20?

This would be the game’s features, that would be greatly developed in the game are the possible/probable.
3 times larger maps. (The surface area of the current game: 400ha for an upcoming game 1200ha)

3 new maps (The first represents the North American map, the second represents the Central of Europe map and the third represents the South China Sea archipelago.

Up to 300-350 different vehicles and tools for 80 different Brands. (Which will for the first time, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, snow plows and snow blowers, bikes and even boats.)

The player is now able to grow grapes, apples, cherries, pineapples, strawberries, rice, carrots, onions, White onions, peas, radishes, cucumbers, spinach cottons, bamboo, jute and flax

4 new agricultural animals such as the horse, (when he has the opportunity to take care of the horses, and even a ride), goat, duck, and even a bull.

For the first time in the forest animals (such as deer, hares, foxes, moose, bears, wolves, and many different kinds of birds) moves/flies in Woods and fields, they even react to the player’s presence and sounds by fleeing from the scene.

The player can now affect the clothing, buying clothes and dressing up for the weather and the seasons

Now, for the first time, the player is forced to pay attention to the Avatar Needs, such as hunger, thirst, physical condition, hygiene and bed rest.

For the first time, the player can choose to enjoy nature, in which case he can observe the movements of the animals and even to hunt for them, when it is first purchased a suitable hunting rifle.

In addition, the player can now spend time in the city, playing mini-games (such as Pinball, billiards, darts, card games and slot machine games,) eat in the restaurant, go to the gym and have a chat with the locals.

The player is now more hand tools in use, (chainsaw and pressure washer) than ever before, he is now using a shovel, Pitchfork, rake, axe, a saw, a hoe, a wheelbarrow, mower and line cutter and leaf blower

The player can now be purchased in addition to the fields, including whole farm plots (including fields) and he has the flexibility to change the sites, including the farmhouse and enclosures to your liking.

The game is now more separate shops so vehicles than the tools. (Brand specific). Seeds/seedlings, fertilizers and other garden tools, is now to buy in the future, Garden stores, feed (such as hay, straw, grass and silage) from other farms and building supplies, hardware stores. The player can, however, move to the “store mode” where all categories are in one mode, where you can now choose whether or not the player purchased/rented space product “home delivery” (which will incur an additional fee) or whether they want to apply for it yourself.

Bills and salaries can now choose to pay manually on the computer or in the Bank, and if they are not paid by a specific time, as distraint takes (first) expensive machinery or tools, to pay off debts and, if necessary, up to of arable land or plot.

The seasons and the weather patterns are a more important role. When you will be in the winter, so the country cannot, of course, to be cultivated, until spring, when the now the player can plow snow and earn this money.

Now, the success of which could affect the crop pests can fend off such crops as natural methods. (such as a Ladybug’s)

the vehicles manual maintenance is now possible and, if necessary, they will be able to tow.

Improved transport system.

Individually controlled “Helper system,” which helped movement can be adjusted so that it moves in the desired way, without crashing into obstacles or get stuck.
It may be that all of this can be achieved, but it is a safe bet that when the next Farming simulator will be published, so it is more advanced.

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