Farming Simulator 19 – New Mission System

Farming Simulator 19 – New Mission System

Welcome to our second devblog for Farming Simulator 19, due later this year. In this devblog we’ll be talking about the tweaks we’ve made to the missions system to help get you playing the way you want, faster.

First of all you no longer need to travel across the map to interact with mission givers. A new contracts menu lists every mission that’s currently available, detailing how much money you will get for completing it, as well as what you’ll be expected to do. This means less time spent going between missions, and more doing what you want to do – farming! There are also no longer time limits on missions and you can save while a mission is in progress, so you can work at your own pace.

We’ve also given you the option to complete missions without leasing the equipment. This has two benefits – first, you’ll get more money from the mission, as you won’t have to pay the lease. Second, it allows you to use your own equipment for missions, meaning as you build up a speciality and a garage you can take on more missions and make more money to expand your farm. Leasing is still available for the early game and those that might want to try out new vehicles before buying them.

We’ve also added a new mission type, hay and silage baling. This will involve every step of the process, from cutting the grass to turning it into bales and finally delivering it. Weeding missions are now their own category, rather than purely a part of the fertilization process, including using the new sprayer tool on more developed weeds.

Transport missions are also returning from Farming Simulator 15, asking you to deliver goods from one place to another throughout the map. Take a serene drive through the new landscapes of our upgraded game engine and make some money while you’re at it.

Finally, missions are being added to multiplayer, letting you complete them cooperatively. This gives you more things to do with other players than ever before, and ties into our larger improvements for multiplayer in Farming Simulator 19.

We hope you enjoy missions in Farming Simulator 19, either alone or with friends, when it releases later this year.

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10 Responses

  1. Maureen Jewers says:

    Everything looking great, cannot wait

  2. Ryan rose says:

    Every time I go into mission something goes wronge will not take leased machines back or cotton floating in the air or can not dump wear it tells me too

  3. sweeper says:

    I have had the same problem with the cotton floating. Then it costs me because I can’t complete the mission and fail

  4. L Marohnic says:

    It shows I finish a mission and it is complete, then the next day when I go into the game, it shows the same missions failed. Why? What am I not doing.

  5. Dove says:

    Can you remove the failed contracts from the board?

  6. Bobby says:

    Why is it that all of a sudden I can’t do missions on my save game

  7. CharlieH says:

    If I leave the game while a contract is in play, will It be saved and I can complete it when I log back in?

  8. Trubble says:

    Picked up a contract to weed field 19. Took my sprayer full of herbicide to field 19, turned on sprayer and received the message ‘you do not have access to this land.’ Quit/relogged game reset to before I accepted the contract. So I accepted the same contract and received the same error.

  9. Jay says:

    How to get link of manifest.Jason.file?

  10. Joban says:

    Very nyc game

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