Farming Simulator 19 Ideas – Chapter #3

Farming Simulator 19 Ideas – Chapter #3

Things I’d like to see in Farming Simulator 19:

Improved Multiplayer: I want people to be able to run separate farms on the same server at the same time. Own separate equipment and separate fields and have separate accounts.

All the Equipment: People complain about how many cars are in GT. Usually, if a car is introduced, it is in the subsequent releases, too. Not always, but a lot of the time. This means there are lots of cars in the game. If a tractor was in a previous release of the game, or a previous Giants DLC, it should be available.

More Risks: I feel like the game is terribly winnable, even in hard mode. I feel like it is slower, but not harder. I want there to be a risk that the farm won’t succeed. Equipment failures? Crop failures?

Bad weather? Anything, just make it challenging.

I don’t mind the general flow of the farming side of things, and working for other farmers using different equipment is a nice distraction that gives you more $$$ as a reward. Anyway, I want some fun with this game… besides the normal farming, I’d like to see old farm equipment lying around, some in old barns or left outside and almost hidden in the paddocks/forrest. You can buy it off the farmer or barter, tow it back to your workshop and restore it, then use it for yourself or sell it. Imagine finding an old Bedford truck with a tree growing where the tray was… cutting the tree up in order to get it, of finding an old classic car in the river, and trying to tow it out.

I’d like a family on the farm, and some of them can do some jobs around the place too…. but of course the more kids you have the more it costs, especially when they get older. They can look after the chickens and green house to keep costs down, then sell eggs and veggies in the town.

I want a farm dog that will follow me around, one that jumps on the back of the ute or sits beside me in the tractor.

And lastly, maybe a tractor pulling track, where the tractors are put in different horse power categories… you then adjust weights, air pressure etc to see how far you can pull the sleds. Can you imagine finding an old Ford tractor in the paddock and sticking a V8 in it to compete!

Like I said, we have all the stuff already to make serious money, we need the fun factor as well.

In my opinion the community or people that play farming sim 17, really like to play in depth. Think some new additions would be nice:

1. Would like to see some added stuff to the worker situation. I mean you could have some sort of list, and people who are better at a specific field work, and they could get leveled up according to what they do, and they could for example plow a field 20% better and faster or you receive a better amount from that field.

2. The ground contact with the wheels. Now that is a biggie in my opinion. I saw that there is a new game trying to implement that. There are some maps that have the mud mod. I don’t know how hard it would be, but something like Spintires integrated would be great(not at that value doe).

Placeable everything house,silo,animals full custom yard. Have the field delete tool switchable to make dirt/gravel/pavement just like how you change seeds etc. It would be nice to work your farm then go to others peeps/friends servers to see what and where their yards are and what they look like also customize the growth period longer if wanted and skip/sleep option like skyrim for example and better AI tell workers to do headland and if its an obcure shaped field they should be able to do it un-supervised and have no mess ups. Still love FS17 though cant wait to see what comes next!

How about building an (Ubuntu) Linux version?
That way I can finally chuck Windows and it’s unmanageable Windows updates! Steam runs well on Ubuntu while more and more games are becoming available on Linux. Can’t wait for the day Linux takes over from Windows as the preferred Desktop Platform for gaming! Windows is just becoming way to cloudy for my liking and those pesky Windows updates which are no longer manageable! It’s becoming a “rubbish” OS very, very quickly! It’s really time to consider alternatives to Windows in all seriousness! Windows is boxing and bullying us into the cloud! While I don’t have a problem with the cloud in general, at least keep the user in control instead of taking decisions for us. I hate windows; the only reason I still run it is because of this awesome game. PLEASE consider a LINUX build for the next version of Farming Simulator 19.

I’d like to see the ability to select where your barn/barns are located.. build and improve them yourself as you go on.. I like my animals in close area and I’m sure many people like them spread out all over.. but I think that should be up to the player to decide

I don’t like the suggested survival game aspects. What I wish the most is a larger variety in farming activities. We now have 4 different kind of plants: field crops, root crops, poplars and grass.

But there’s so much more possible and every category will bring some new unique machinery:

– herbs
– vegetables
– nuts
– fruits / orchards
– rice

I also don’t like the current animal system too much, since it feels too passive. You just have to refill food, water and straw once every six days and animals will generate money.

I hope we will find some of ideas in a new Farming Simulator 19 game!

Farming Simulator 19

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    Will there be follow me fs19 because would love to do the silage harvest but no one will drive the combine so i hope that there will be.please reply

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