What need’s to Farming Simulator 19

What need’s to Farming Simulator 19

– Would love a total overhaul of the Farming Simulator 19 main menu
– Overhaul of the Farming Simulator 19 modding section
(both of these are annoying because they way to bulky, and the modding menu resets every time you download a FS19 mod)
– I don’t know if its needed but this would be the biggest problem. Engine change or upgrade. The features like tires sinking in the ground, compression with more FS19 weight on them, dirt, general physics.I mean, there is only so much you can build on it, fact proven by the tens of thousands of FS19 mods out there. I mean, we all know that tractors cabins or seats have that spring thing when they are on heavy terrain. That should be available to see. As well better graphics is a must have.
– Would love an added service section to FS19 vehicles. Like you would have a service garage company and you can buy one on the farm as well, where you can check tire pressure, oil changes, transmission, and so on, but, these should be just in game, not do it our selves. FS 19 Vehicles sometimes brake down, and you have to winch them on a trailer or pull them to your farm service station or a private one in town. Yes, you lose a day to say so, or something, but it would be nice to have this feature.
– Either more fruits, or some extra feature when you work. At this point, the work on fields is very short and linear. With more crops and different harvest operations game would me more diverse.
– Option to join a server with a global market included in game. If you could work on your farm, go to a point that loads you with a truck and fruit to a public place where you can sell that would be nice (don’t have a fixed idea on the matter). This would lower prices, sell fruit to get ahead on a leader board on that server. Some may even split the work and money and join businesses.
– If it rains and you work with a FS19 tractor that is not equipped good on a field, the wheels should sink in the ground making the tractor stuck. You should need to pull that tractor out of there.
– Adding the sawmill as an in Farming Simulator 19 game feature. You should be able, after you cut the wood, to take it either to sell directly, or, you should have a sawmill, your sawmill, where you can process the wood in different ways and sell them to the proper place. This should add like 4 or 5 more selling points.
– Bigger and more natural FS19 maps. I understand the need to make the LS19 map good looking but as simple as possible to work good on ps and pc, but. Looking at Sandy Bay, or West Side maps, I would love to have bigger maps that are detailed really good (think this falls again in the game engine section).

The most important thing is the Farming Simulator 2019 game engine I would say. If that would allow FS19 modders to go even more crazy things should work out on their own.

I would like to see manual gearboxes and the ability to adjust the throttle without having to accelerate. Then, with this, we could have it to where PTO implements perform differently based on the engine speed. It could be made like a hotkey where we press say “6” to accelerate the engine and say “7” to slow it back down. This way, we could keep the engine at a constant speed while we are driving as well to hold a constant ground speed.


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What is Farming Simulator 2019 mods

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12 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Looking forward to getting into the new FS2019, I am no good at modding but am hopeful I will get better with help.

    • FS 19 Mods says:

      Sure, it is easy to make mods for Farming Simulator 😉 Fallow our news and we will publish some modding tutorials 😉

  2. brandon short says:

    please get american tractors ,trucks,and trailers


    I would is like to see a one ton dually and possibly 24ft and 40ft gooseneck trailers. And at the biogas plant where you could sell the silage, it need to be like FS13 where you could back up the forage harvested trailer and unload without having to pick it up and dump it like in FS15 and FS 17

  4. Steven Urquhart says:

    Console ideas More realism better British trucks add a crew cab transit tipper with strobe lights same with adding a Hilux and land rover both with strobe lights more maps more crops and a spin tire sort of thing so it looks realistic if you get stuck when it’s raining or snowing and a windy stormy season mod also add window wipers and hazard lights and door opening to vehicles also add options for when you purchase vehicles like normal tiers or off road tiers also add follow me mod to game this is all my ideas from r console game as am an Xbox one X player

  5. Saphal says:

    Please Please Please release it for Xbox 360 too please I request you

  6. RyanWillis says:

    i would love it if you would release it for Xbox 360

  7. Milhousse says:

    Please MOD TAJFUN EGV 80 AHK

  8. Stephen Webber says:

    how many more people need to tell you that we want ‘follow me’ and ‘Mud’ mod????? hurry up with it to!!!

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