The Old Farm Countryside v1.1 FS19

The Old Farm Countryside v1.1 FS19

The Old Farm Countryside – PC / Mac Version 1.1
FS19 The Old Farm Countryside

Changes and bug fixes for version 1.0
– Now you can store the food for pigs in the farm silo.
– Added 3 points of purchase of Cal in different points of sale.
– Fixed and adjusted the navigation mesh of the chickens. Before even if you did not see them, they fulfilled their function, although from the sky !!
– Adjusted the navigation mesh of the cows. Being located in irregular terrain there were places where cows floated in the air, now it seems that no. (Pending confirmation)
– Lamps and spotlights with automatic night lighting have been added to the different animal farms.
– Now the lamps and lights of the Main Farm are lit at night, before they were just decoration.
– Various decorative objects have been set in the ground.
– Added to the table of prices: Food for pigs, seeds, solid fertilizer and lime, we can see the amount we have stored, but can not be sold !!

Note: It will be appreciated if you report any error you find on the map, in this same post. Respect the original download link please.

I hope it is to your liking and enjoy it, Regards. @ShabaFS

Shaba FS (iBerModding)

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9 Responses

  1. Anthony Shaw says:

    Is there a way to fix the map crashing to a frozen paused game on a multiplayer server when there is “great demand for eggs at egg sell point”? (the sell point does not exist.)

  2. Jessica says:

    Milk sell points don’t work

  3. Xenomatter says:

    Why on earth can’t we cut down all the trees? So annoying having tress that you aren’t allowed to cut.

  4. Southern says:

    Old farm countryside map keeps freezing after you hit a to start?

  5. Clapdog1 says:

    Having a problem with the vehicle buy area, the fence wont open.

  6. Nojvak says:

    Milk cant be Sold can you fix this (ps4) ???

  7. william parris says:

    this map looks really good. I would love to be able to use it but I cant as I have fs19 on ps4, please could this map be made console ready?

  8. Curtis Berry says:

    I would love to be able to plant my own trees for a barrier the saplings are a great look for doing that even though I have been doing forestry work it still says I need to cut down trees in order to plant them??? 😥

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