Sherwood Park Farm Map v2.1 FS19

Sherwood Park Farm Map v2.1 FS19

Here is a NEW VERSION of the map
Despite the fact that most of them complain and howl, I would like to reserve them for those who do not like them and make them DOWNLOAD for download.

Carrots and onion fillplanes bug fixed (sorry for that).

Carrot onion added (release of gmcw is available) thank you again for that
Poplar bug fixed, can now be sown and harvested
Rapeseed and soya straw yield decreased
New fruit icons installed
Water Fill Trigger Installed
Harvest yield times 2
Bga Silage Preiss times 2
Bga now also takes straw
Bga bunker consumption increased to 100l in the second
Bga Bunker filling volume increased to 250.000l
Bga Gerräste edition increased to 2.500.000l

Soybeans and oilseed rape now also produce snowfall like in real
Changed light conditions
Scheue built for bale sale
Various buildings and textures are now loaded from the standart game (sparrt mb)
Fertilizer lime textures are now working properly Thanks to biface for that
Diverse collis moved and extinguished which were in wrong places

Release of Stevie is available
Release of kastor_Ger for the Winräder is available
Release of gmcw for carrots and onions is available
I hope I make a pleasure with it.
If you do not like it you do not have to DOWNLOAD IT (SAVE YOUR BLOOD COMMENTS)
MFG Oli5464

Modell: Stevie/Oli5464Textur: Stevie/Oli5464Script: Stevie/Oli5464Idee / Konzept: Stevie/Oli5464Tester: Paul/Oli5464Sonstige: Stevie/Oli5464

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7 Responses

  1. DerSammler63 says:

    An allen äußeren Randbereichen fällt man von der Map

  2. ferdinand says:

    bonjour. ou télécharger ses mods Release of Stevie is available
    Release of kastor_Ger for the Winräder is available
    Release of gmcw for carrots and onions is available

  3. kevin says:

    finally a map with extra fruits!!! does this also include radisch and hemp? if not can you add this in next update thanks!!!

  4. nico prinsen says:

    Hi, see alot of potential in the map to play with my friends. But is it possible to change the ownership of the fields? it’s ALL or NOTHING for the moment.

  5. bluninja says:

    Map is empty aside from the spinnery and barn… where is everything like the BGA?

  6. dom71 says:

    bonjour. très belle maps .le seul soucis sais que n’est aucun matériels pour récolter les carottes et les oignons.pourriez-vous les inclure dans votre prochaine mise a jour et aussi un plus grand semoir .sa serais très sympa de votre part .très bon boulot continuer comme sa. MERCI

  7. doudou says:

    dommage c une belle carte , mais des putin de hai autour des chant il faux faire le tour que tu et a cote de ta ferme , nul , vous faite chier avec vaux hai et vaux arbres .

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