Seasons 19 – GEO mods

Seasons 19 – GEO mods

GEO mods are tiny mods available to both PC and console players that change the environment of your farm. Most of the GEO mods are based on a real life location. For example the U.S. Midwest GEO mod has weather and growth for the midwest area in the United States of America.

You can download GEO mods on the ModHub in the category ‘Gameplay’ or by searching for “Seasons GEO” or just “GEO”. If you use a GEO mod you still need to activate Seasons. Also, at most one GEO mod is used, so only select the one you want to play with, or you get unexpected results.


Note that this is still a game so the GEO mods are not 100% accurate. Farming techniques differ per farmer and per square mile, so full accuracy is never possible.


If you want to play with weather and growth of a specific area, you can first search for a GEO mod close to it. If you can’t find it, you can either create one yourself or ask the team about it. If enough requests are made for the same area we might consider making a mod for it.

GEO mods coming soon from Realismus Modding

  • Wales – based on weather data from the village of Cwmystwyth
  • Northern Sweden – based on weather data from Storuman and Dikanäs
  • Paraguay – based on weather data from Concepción
  • U.S. Midwest – based on weather data from Princeton, Missouri
  • Snowy Lands – fictious and not based on any real location

The default weather is based on Yeovilton, UK, but edited to get colder winters.

Seasons 19 mod

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What is this Farming Simulator 2019 mods use for:

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6 Responses

  1. Allen says:

    Be nice to see to see Canadian prairie weather

  2. GREGORY ZOCCO says:

    Et quand il y aura pour la France

  3. phil says:

    No download anywhere I look

  4. ignafiltro says:

    I was wanting to replay my estancia lapacho with seasons in fs19, but the Paraguay Geo is still not out there??
    It was my favorite seasons, being able to pull off 3 crops a year. :c

    btw loving seasons 19 and how rotations work, unfortunately the amount of bugs in FS19 are killing me, you guys deserve better.

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