Place Objects Anywhere mod V1.2 FS19

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Place Objects Anywhere mod V1.2 FS19

This mod lets you place buildings anywhere in your land, including within other buildings.

Download the latest version FS22 Place Anywhere mod
Place the downloaded zip in your Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator19/mods folder
Launch the game and enable the mod in the mission start screen

You can change the cost of terrain modifications by opening PlaceAnywhere.lua in the mod’s zip file and changing the value of
PlacementScreenController.DISPLACEMENT_COST_PER_M3 = 1; — Edit this to change the terrain modification cost per cubic meter (game default: 50)

I’ve tested this mod and didn’t notice any side effects, however it might still cause issues as it removes some game checks.

1.1: Fixed bug when buying vehicles
1.0: Initial release


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30 Responses

  1. PRO_CENGO says:

    this mode doesn’t appear in the mod files in the game so try reviewing it again

  2. fox says:

    Game didint see that mod ,chnge – for _ whyt name if yopu can

  3. doudou says:

    na parer nul par ?

  4. Alex says:

    You have to unzip the file and select the OS Folder you like, Windows or MAC and then zip the files. NOT the Folder.:D

  5. kenji says:

    You can place things around your map..but you can not buy the things you are trying to place.the light green when you can place it but the game says you can not buy it so therefore you are not allowed to place it

  6. Psychogold says:

    This mod is not showing up on the mission screen but is in in my FS19 mod folder….Do I have to unzip the file first or what?

  7. Agvar says:

    10/10 thanks

  8. Garavatito says:

    It does not work, now that already the ground can be when I put something disappears either House or silos.

  9. Jesper says:

    i cant get it to work??

  10. maddog9748 says:

    mod doesnt work. doesnt show in the mods list and even if you do extract it and rezip the needed files, it still doesnt work.

  11. Mark says:

    dont work, 01/7/2019

  12. Krahazik says:

    If there is a mod in all that link crap, I can not find it.
    So I will call this as just advertisment crap.
    Completely useless as I could not actually get any mod, just page after page after page of adds and add requests with no actual real dwnload.

  13. Echo6Mead says:

    Will not upload to dedi server. Is not recognized as FS19 mod

  14. Yazu says:

    Great mod, you can’t see it on the list of mods, but it works. It doesn’t start up, you just put new objects close to each other, even you can combine them.

  15. Frida Bergendal says:

    Mod works for me in muliplayer. You have to unzip it first, separate files from folder and rezip the files only. I like the reduced landscaping cost, is there a way to make lansdcape painting cheaper?

    • stryvi says:

      THIS IS THE ANSWER PEOPLE. FOLLOW THIS GREAT MAN’S INSTRUCTIONS TO VICTORY. Seriously though, this way works. unzip it, get to the 4 files, highlight them all, right click, “send to >” “compressed (zip)” . it will probably name it “moddesc”. just leave it and put it in your fs19>mods folder! enjoy

  16. CheezeIty says:

    Will it be coming to console?

  17. Chris Marsh says:

    as people have said above. I cannot get this mod to work. I have tried unzipping and still no joy 25/05/19

  18. Martijn Van Staaij says:

    Make sure you save the new archive as a .zip since fs19 doesn’t read .rar

  19. Truckin_Fool says:

    MOD is not MP server compatible. Reads as a FS17 MOD.

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