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Place Anywhere V1.4 FS19

1.4: Added ownership toggle for terraforming/painting tool (courtesy of 206airmail)
1.3: Added landscaping cost change and terrain ownership/deformation toggle controls (courtesy fo scfmod)
1.2: Fixed crash when placing sheds
1.1: Fixed bug when buying vehicles
1.0: Initial release

Place Anywhere mod for Farming Simulator 19
This mod lets you place buildings anywhere in your land, including within other buildings.

How to install:
Download the latest version of Place Anywhere FS22
Place the downloaded zip in your Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator19/mods folder
Launch the game and enable the mod in the mission start screen

0 to toggle terrain deformation (default: deformation on)
8 to toggle terrain ownership checks (default: land ownership required)

You can change the cost of terrain modifications by opening PlaceAnywhere.lua in the mod’s zip file and changing the value of

PlacementScreenController.DISPLACEMENT_COST_PER_M3 = 1; -- Edit this to change the terrain modification cost per cubic meter (game default: 50)

Additionally you can also change the cost of landscaping by editing this line in the same file:

Landscaping.SCULPT_BASE_COST_PER_M3 = 1; -- Edit this to change the landscaping cost per cubic meter (game default: 50)

I’ve tested this mod and didn’t notice any side effects, however it might still cause issues as it removes some game checks.


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62 Responses

  1. Dave Heijnen says:

    Downloaded this version. Now my savegame says, it can’t find the mod anymore.

  2. Dave Heijnen says:

    Fixed the problem myself. Unzipped the file. Then repacked only the files itself. Works again.

  3. KonZas says:

    Pls fix it. My profile can’t find mod anymore.

  4. guillaume Goossens says:

    Hello, I have the same problem. I load the mods but I do not find it in the game.
    Please help.

  5. Gordon Zeilstra says:

    Doesn’t show up in mods

  6. Cornishgiza says:

    this mod dont work i have tryed repacking it and redownloading it, its not showing up in mods screen at start of the game

  7. cornishgiza says:

    dont work

  8. Diynamo says:

    Does not find the mod in the modselection screen

  9. Ulf says:

    does not work, it keep not showing in mods selector, and in modhub, the mod is 1.3 and not 1.4 and says it’s not updated

  10. Tassos says:

    Me to the same. It’s not showed at mods list when I’m starting the game.

  11. Tyler says:

    This mod doesn’t work. It doesn’t even say it’s in the mods folder

  12. Eddie says:

    the mod doesent work with new patch 1.3

  13. Adamo says:

    is there an update for this mod coming? I’ve tried everything i Know to get it to work with no joy.

  14. DemonRaven says:

    everybody who has problem mod not working just unpack it and place folder containing modfiles in your mod folder. I did this way and it works

  15. Isac says:

    Does not work, My game cant see the mod

  16. Grischdaf510 says:

    Hi “Besitzer dieser Mod”
    Ich bin sehr froh dass ich endlich einen hilfreichen Komentar zu diesem Problem gefunden habe.
    Allerdings kann ich beim Öffnen bzw extrahieren der ZIP Datei keinen mac ordner finden.
    Es tauchen 3 Icons auf:
    Icon_blanc (Typ DDS Image)

    ModDesc (Typ XML-Dokument)

    PlaceAnywhere.lua (Typ LUA-Datei)

    Kannst du mir bitte weiter helfen?

  17. elliot says:

    needs fixing this mod don’t work keeps said ever time I load map error with mod and version not compatible please fix it

  18. KR4DXJMUP says:

    08.18.2019 Mod Works! Thank you scfmod.

  19. Install guide says:

    The mod DOES work. However, you have to re-pack it.
    1) Download the file
    2) Unzip
    3) Delete the MAC folder
    4) OPEN the remaining folder and re-package the CONTENTS ONLY (not the folder itself) into a .ZIP!!! (doesn’t work if you package into a RAR)
    5) Enjoy

    • Mark Hudgens says:

      Pretend we are not all 30 year old nerds living in our mother’s basement. Wtf does all that mean? Just fix the problem.

    • Neon_Lemon says:

      This doesn’t work. I did exactly as follows:

      1. Unzipped file
      2. Deleted Mac Folder
      3. Opened and removed all contents from Place Anywhere folder and put them on my desktop
      4. Selected all 4 files, right-clicked and used send to – Compress to (Zipped) Folder
      5. Put Zip folder back into my mods folder and loaded up the game
      6. Doesn’t show

    • Alexandru Boşcu says:

      It works, thanks man!

  20. Console Kid Hater says:


  21. Neon_Lemon says:

    The fact that this still hasn’t been fixed when this version was released in January is despicable. 1 Star.

  22. dries says:

    is the mod fixed? caus i still can’t find it when i start the game.

  23. stars gaming says:

    mod works fine only not working for modded building’s.

  24. Wolves Hero says:

    This mod not supported anymore, last updated 30th Jan 2019 pretty dead mod haven’t fix it.

  25. GameSniper says:

    Does this mod work in multiplayer?

  26. ricardo says:

    Hope this works

  27. Aroused_Koala says:

    Does not show up for me. Tried to repack and no luck…. Not sure what the issue is if on Dec. 8th someone said it was working fine

  28. glenn says:

    if you folks are still having issues with this mod try downloading the initial release v1.0 and deactivate all global companie mods i did that and it works no problems

  29. Nova says:

    would be nice to get a info pin, if terraforming, is off/on , after you press 0

    and terraforming didnt work in multiplayer

  30. Malgus says:

    Witam nie mogę wrzucić tego moda na serwer dedykowany ponieważ krzyczy że obsługiwane są tylko mody z Farming Simulator 19 tak jak by ten nie był obsługiwany


    hi, if you are not running the mod I found a method.
    then, remove the 2 folders from the zip, open “FS19PlaceAnywhere” to copy all the internal files and put them in a new zip folder. and then rename it with the same name as the old one.
    finally insert the zip in the mod folder, and you’re done

  32. MTL says:

    Der Mod is Super!!!

  33. Szymon says:

    still dont get it

  34. crazygamer54 says:

    Still having some trouble with the mod being found in mod downloads. can anybody please help. I switched cases on my computer and lost my mods and had to redownload it but still wont work.

  35. Julio says:


    Download Mod; Unzip it. There will be 2 folders. Open the one accordind to your OS (win or mac).
    make a new ***ZIP*** file with the 4 archives that will find in the folder.

    Only ZIP works. FS19 Doesnt read rar.

  36. Jashon Stallings says:

    Why are my buildings floating in the air?

  37. kryštof says:

    mod does not work properly :@

  38. jetblade545 says:

    the repacking worked thx

  39. marjam says:

    Forget this mod. Not worth it.
    1. Install GlobalCompany Mod.
    2. In GlobalCompany Options, check “Activate Extended Placeable”
    Works perfect.

  40. kryštof says:

    nefunguje, píše, že tento objekt nelze koupit, zkuste to znovu později prosím ( does not work, writes that this object cannot be purchased, please try again later ) :@ :@ :@

  41. kryštof says:

    a ještě neco je to verze ( and something else is version ) !!!! :@ :@

  42. Clear Instructions to get it working says:

    1. Download file
    2. Place Item’s inside folder “FS19PlaceAnywhere-master” ONTO DESKTOP
    3. Hover over all 4 files and right click Add to archive, name it Placeanywhere then change the archive format to ZIP, press okay
    4. Place in FS19 Mods folder

  43. Michael Kress says:

    Tried to install on a server and got the server error “FS17 mods not supported” any suggestions? I tried ALL versions.

  44. MadMarky says:

    Mod doesnt work because it isn’t packaged properly. You’ll have to repackage it with ONLY the files, no other folders. And also don’t repackage it on an Apple Mac :-/

  45. Birsk says:

    It works great. 🙂

  46. noelan says:

    Hi how do i get this mod on xbox one

  47. Mas says:

    Thanks for good mod <3
    I had same issue as everyone reported.
    but unpack a zip once, then pack again all files in a zip, the mod started to work properly 😉

  48. Austin Mitchell says:

    For those saying it doesnt work all you need to do is when you make a new map or go an an existing map disable all then reenable all and also restart the game (close and reopen)

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