Michigan Map Seasons Ready v3.5 FS19

Michigan Map Seasons Ready v3.5 FS19

Here is the official Michigan Map, now Seasons Ready | Version 3.5!

What has been updated:
* Seasons Ready
* Ice
* Snowmen
* The Train has come back to town
* Error Free

**  Be on the lookout for another version coming soon!  We got this one out so you guys would have it while we work on the next version!

Version 1.0 Creators Daze Farms , Taylor FarmsVersion 2.0 Editors Daze Farms, Taylor FarmsVersion 3.0 Editors Daze FarmsVersion 3.1 Editors Daze FarmsVersion 3.5 Editors Daze Farms, Kaskorak

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23 Responses

  1. Matthew Doss says:

    Map is awesome. Quick question. When will u be able to buy the lake and the area around the lake

    • Tr33Tipper says:

      Go in “maps” in the Michigan map mod. Then open “mapUS_farmlands” in Notepad++ Add this line under the last line, which should be “46”

      You’ll be able to buy all extra land including roads. It costs around $6.5million so just edit the money into your save game. Done

  2. Jannik Kopp says:

    The only sell point I can see is the sawmill, what happened to the rest of them ?
    Great map by the way.

  3. luckie says:

    sorry to say but this map is not seasons ready like it was claimed to be… sorry but things are happening on map that show me that seasons is not working properly like it should… sorry to say this is my favorite map for fs19 and this is very disapointing that seasons is not really ready like was said to have been and all the sells point that use to be there wow….

  4. WB says:

    I only see sawmill sellpoint as well?

  5. Matthew Doss says:

    Where is the Michigan map mod be located at

  6. Matthew Doss says:

    I found it. The third to last line says

  7. Sean says:

    Map freezes at 2400 beginning of summer

  8. Matthew Doss says:

    I did like u told me in the first comment about going into the notepad and it won’t let me add anything to the notepad

  9. Ray says:

    Unable to place any buildings and livestock, loaded a game that was mod free same problem, loaded sample game on Ravenport no issues 🙁

  10. ray says:

    cant place animal items, buildings modded or non modded 🙁

  11. Tommy Albertsen says:

    Does anyone else have issues with cotton bales being invisible when you harvest cotton on contract? I don’t have the Cotton DLC installed and wondered if that was the issue? They appear as a ghost bale but not visible.

  12. Drake says:

    Any issues with Hired help? cant get them to move.

  13. Ionut Moaca says:

    cant place animal placeables.

  14. Ionut Moaca says:

    cant place animal placeables. And mods liqedmanure and manure.

  15. Andrew says:

    Great map. But get rid of the mountains. We don’t have mountains here in Michigan. Only low rolling hills. And up north where the bigger hills are, there is no farmland. These fields are very hard to plow. The plows and planters etc. miss a lot of areas along the edges of the field. Maybe this is just Farmsim idk.

  16. mrksimpson says:

    Andrew idk what you mean no farmland up north theres more cattle than people and how do you feed cattle?

  17. michael says:

    No place to do maintenance or customize equipment, no railroad crossings on my map. A buddy downloaded map from same place has all the above.

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