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Farming Simulator game is so great that is hard to believe that it could be even greater. However, it can be if you play this game with mods! You can have more fun simply installing Farming Simulator 19 mods / Farming Simulator 22 mods. The game became so popular because of supporting mods! What is more, all FS19 mods / FS22 mods are completely free. Every mod has different designation and when there’re so many of them, until you’ll try it you can only imagine what the limits of this game are. So many improvements new tractors and more are waiting for you until you download all of Farming Simulator 2019 mods / Farming Simulator 22 mods. Create your own combination of FS 19 mods / FS 22 mods and see how it works in game. Maybe you’re the one who will create a perfect game which doesn’t have any issues. So why don’t you try. Download and install these LS 19 mods / LS22 mods and create your Farming Simulator 19 / Farming Simulator 22 game. Welcome to the biggest Farming Simulator modding community! If you like this mod, please comment bellow.

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32 Responses

  1. Ewanc says:

    Perfect mod for forestry. For chipping logs I set it to:


    …in the HYHY.LUA file. This give you enough strength to lift medium tractors and whole trees, but not enough to accidentally move the chipper while using it. I’m not sure what the number is, but my guess is 1000’s of Kg

  2. Dr.Drulia says:

    this mod is perfekt for transporting mission!!!

  3. Jody Reeves says:

    When is Xbox one and PS4 going to get lifting heavy things mod, autoloading trailers, cars and trucks mods and modded maps?

  4. SupersnailRSA says:

    I would love this mod on the PS4 , would make my life a lot easier

  5. david says:

    how do get it to work

    • Sergio says:

      Assim que estiver instalado o mod no FS19 basta aproximar do objetivo que aparecerá uma ‘mão’ com isso poderá levanta-lo.

  6. Rodney R. Davis says:

    Will you be converting this for the consoles? i play on the ps4 and would LOVE to have this just to speed things up like logging or wood chipping. The grabbing cranes on the wood chipper and trailers are just to glitched and cumbersome.

  7. Barry Miller says:

    it needs a enable/disable key. i keep throwing tractors instead of getting in them

  8. Cody says:

    great mod i use it a lot for hay bales

  9. Dylan says:

    this is so good i love it i have an overkill mod and u can only attatch it to bales and trees and that but now i can do it to trucks

  10. papa_cake says:

    super useful mod gaints should make this the top mod

  11. Bryson says:

    How do I install lifting heavy things mod
    I’m having trouble loading my tractor’s on my trailer and I’m taking them to my farm

  12. Deltawp says:

    Best mod ever Thx !

    The best setting for Me is to set in the file Hyhy.lua
    by default game setting is set to 0.2

    with this setting you can carry a tractor 🙂

  13. BB says:

    Yes. make this for PS4. PLEASE

  14. Caden says:

    Could you make this for ps4 plz.

  15. Rasmus says:

    I cant uppload this Mod on my dedicated server , its says its not supporting FS19 help pls!

  16. John 215 says:

    My lift anything mod is not working. I downloaded it and moved the file to the ” mods ” folder under FS19 but in game nothing happens. I can’t lift heavy objects. What am I doing wrong?

  17. dadawfad says:


  18. ACS Ninjachristian20 says:

    How do you guys do so you can use it

  19. ACS Ninjachristian20 says:

    How do you do it i cant use it

  20. Iustin says:

    This mode is also on playstation 4

  21. MNJ TV says:


  22. janesays says:

    its pretty amazing .. at least 5 comments in here ask how you activate this mod in game and not one person could be bothered to answer you would think the creator would include how to work it .. but i guess if you not in some special snob mod click .. you have to guess … nice goin guys!!!!

  23. Randy says:

    How can get that mod strenght for fs19 xbox one

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