Honey Dew Farms XL v1.0.0.2 FS19

Honey Dew Farms XL v1.0.0.2 FS19

Version: Fixed some minor bugs due to the 1.2 patch.

I’m looking for a few people to help me test out my newest 4x map. It is a fairly huge map so it’s hatd fro me to test everything in solo. I have tested all the sell points and the bga. Yes before you download it (it is a flat map). I still have a little work to do to finish it. Mostly cosmetic stuff. Just looking for some advice and pointers as to what you might like to see.


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17 Responses

  1. George Junes says:

    Running this one for a while now. Haven’t run into any errors.

  2. Reareose says:

    I had your last version of this and it had a huge issues with some vehicles at the sell point, They would load in but then glitch out the game. Same vehicles worked fine with other maps and orig maps. It even had issues with some of the Orig. vehicles. That being said is that issue fixed on this Version because this map is pretty awesome.

  3. JAZZY says:

    omfg dude why did u move the shop and add a farm house where we first port in go back the way it was or retire and go back to school

  4. Midge says:

    Center Sell point doesn’t work. Coudn’t get it to trigger with several trailers so gave up on original version. Nice map, but needs work. Check all of your sell points with trailers,

  5. al says:

    with the new add ons u cant get animals with the new barns and also cant sell cotton bails.

  6. Sylvas says:

    problem with selling animal buldings

  7. Tinman says:

    So I want to address all your Issues. I personally took 3 trailers across the central sale point with no issues. The spinnery works fine also. As far as moving the vehicle shop? Go make your own map!!! The animal pens work so i’d check your mods to see if you have a bad one.

    • Jazzy says:

      UMM you must be nuts the shop was fine where it was plus the roads are full of grass so u better go back to school son and another thing u put the farm house where i have my building for my trucks and i cant move them or anything so its your problem not ours

      • Tinman says:

        I’m not your son but anyway if you don’t like the grass on the edge of the roads then mow it. Or delete my map by all means.It won’t hurt my feelings

        • FS 19 Mods says:

          Hey Tinman, ignore angry people. I love your map and I am happy that we can publish your map in this website. Thank you for your mods!

          • Tinman says:

            Here’s the thing.If i edit the terrain and you don’t start a new file then the terrain will stay the same. So if i add a road and remove grass in giants editor and you load a old saved file the grass will still be there!!!

          • Tinman says:

            You guys don’t realize if I edit the terrain in giants editor you have to start a new game. There is no roads with grass

  8. battlecommander says:

    everything looking awesome, love your map. keep up the good work, best map for fs19 yet. if you every need a tester, just email mail me at battlecommander@hotmail.com.

  9. Skemptor says:

    I am unable to do anything with the animal pens you have placed in there, have tried it both in single and multiplayer, the map is great, but I would suggest either removing the animal pens and let people place thier own ones or make them sellable so they can be removed if someone wants too

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