FS22 Ursus C-330 Update v1.3.1.0

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FS22 Ursus C-330 Update v1.3.1.0

Hello, I am releasing Update for Ursus C330

What does mod have?:

It has basic configurations and additional:
– Tire and weight configuration
– cabin with several configurations
– front ballast (3 types)
– selection of oil and air filter
– charging selection (generator, alternator old, new)
– selection of seat and steering wheel
– exhaust selection (old, new, orchard)
– selection of rear beam (old, new)
– selection of accessories (pipes, mud flaps, bench, triangle)
– turn console (turn included)
– selection of stickers (old, new)
– color configuration (body, sheets, cabin, weights, rims, grille, turn)

Added Interactive Control:
– opening doors and hood flaps
– removing elements (doors, fenders, hood, cabin, roof in the cabin, hood cover, rear screw, beam, bench, etc.)
– starting, lights, directions, halogen rear

– fixed wheels/weights (they do not disappear after loading the seva, can be configured)
– one cabin added
– added accessories for aurochs (shovel, forks x2)
– new Interactive Control functions added (raising/lowering the machine, turning the machine on/off)

NOTE clicki- icons appear only after connecting the machine to the tractor.
– minor visual corrections

Update The last one I release
– New model of rear lift
– New steering model
– New steering wheel model (new type)
– New seat model (new type)
– New store/icon (c330, turn, weight and accessories)
– New passenger bench
– New exhaust smoke
– New clock backlight color
– New horn sound
– The tachometer needle has been improved
– Improved sounds
– Improved speed and gearbox
– Mod physics improved
– The weight of the mod has been improved (tractor 2t, with 2.2t – 2.5t weights, 4 types)
– Fixed the problem with connecting the turn (it no longer interferes)
– Steering wheel controls have been improved
– Improved a large number of textures (specular, normal)
– Front fenders have been improved
– Dirty rims and tires have been corrected
– The cabin model has been improved and the color of the roof canopy has been added to the C328 cabin (light cream, blue)
– Improved lights
– The dashboard has been improved
– Hand gas has been improved

– One rear linkage beam added (now the beams are in the body color)
– Added rear weight to the aurochs (2 types)
– A second round console has been added (recommended for version 1 of the model)
– Added front wheel weights (front ballast 0 – 7)
– Configuration added/changed (front beam, lamps, stickers, clocks, air and oil filters, handlebar, rear fender support, front mudguards, weights)
– Two new Interactive Control functions added (key compartment, removable canopy in the c328 cabin)
– New front tires added (5 types)
– Two new types of rear weights have been added
– Added key/switch animation when turning on the lights
– Added sounds when changing gears
– Added braking sound and turn signal sounds
– Added gearbox configuration (slow, fast, automatic)
– Minor visual fixes
– Unnecessary textures have been removed and the tractor model has been improved

Version KamilR1, Dawid, Qwerty, Egon, Bartek90256, d4wid33k Version 1.3,0.0 and Giants Software, Javor

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