FS22 Thüringen Map v4.0.0.0

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FS22 Thüringen Map v4.0.0.0

Changelog: V4
– Adjusted carrots to Giants and FS22_DynamicMissionVehicles.
– FS22_DynamicMissionVehicles: The correct vehicles are now loaded for tobacco and hemp.
– Adjusted butcher to FS22_A_ProductionRevamp. No extra mod needed anymore!!
– Goats and ducks can now also be taken to the butcher
– An animal trailer that can also transport chickens, goats and ducks is included in the map
– Straw recovery addon ready (my straw and hay pellets are compatible with those from the addon)
– Changed textures for clover, alfalfa and lavender
– Carrots and potatoes have been removed from sale at the quality station
– Beetroot and parsnips built into the map so that they can also be played in DLC
– At the request of many players, a placeable goat stable has been added
– Fixed a bug with the permanently installed grapes (information for growth and soil is now displayed)
– Minor adjustments to the yards
– Mod Desc adjusted
– Goods station sales point corrected, loose hay, straw and so on can now be dumped
– Added Holmer Multifruit Harvester

PS: Due to the adjustment to the Giants Carrots, FS22_DynamicMissionVehicles (latest version) and the Schlacher on Revamp, a new save game is unfortunately necessary.
Thuringian Rostbratwurst, Thuringian dumplings and many other specialties from our state are synonyms for excellent products far beyond the state’s borders. The basis for these products is efficient agriculture that is based on over
Half of the country’s area creates the basis for high-quality food and feed.
Because of the diversity of natural location factors in natural areas, such as mean annual temperature, precipitation, altitude, soil,
Suitability for agricultural use varies.
Grain grows on the largest proportion of Thuringia’s arable land.
It is the basis for numerous products in the food industry, such as bread and pasta but also beer and alcohol. It is also an important feed for agricultural animals.
The map contains 94 fields on which multi-crop (alfalfa, carrots, clover, hemp, lavender, spelt, millet, onion, poppy, red cabbage, white cabbage, rye, tobacco, triticale, hops) can be grown. The new animal system (FS22_EnhancedAnimalSystem) has also been installed, and there are also over 50 productions with more than 100 different products. There are 4 permanently built courtyards and enough building space for new ones. 64 ground angles are also present as well as precision farming. In the shop under the trailer and miscellaneous category you will find a Krone aluminum plane for pallets that reduces the performance of the pallets and in the trailer and animal husbandry category there are 2 barrels that can load all liquids, harvest for tobacco and hemp are also included.
There are 4 built-in courtyards but also enough space to settle down and build something of your own.

Farmer Marco, MrLager, Atabogo, Schleswih Holstein, BlackSheepMpding, Pyjama Monster,Maxx, Martin/Cro[FBM], Achimobil, Mister_Mojo_AT, Sussi und Wingi, Farmer Andy ,Toy, Ronny, Erich, Pleitegeier, Akita83, FrankGTB, MarkusTRLP, ThomasDtP, DMTSound, PatrickBGEM, Rene.

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