FS22 Precious Metals and Gem Production v1.0.0.0

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FS22 Precious Metals and Gem Production v1.0.0.0

Official Release is now out!

Performance improvement for following pallets:
Reduced vertices on Cat Statues Pallet, achieved 24,396 vertices down from the initial 70,000.
Reduced vertices on Silverware Pallet, achieved 22,683 vertices down from the initial 151,000.
Removed mipmaps from hud icons

Fixed wheel loader shovel, it will now display in the store category.
Fixed language translations for shovel loaders.
Removed trigger icons from mod and store icons.

Do you get gold fever between plotting and harvesting? Then take the cure with you to any map! This is a 100% standalone production mod pack that can be used on any map*. Simulate shipments of stone from a quarry using the stone buying station included in the pack. Or if you are handy with the land scaping tool you can carve out your own quarry and fill with stone then offset the cost, ect. There are many ways to implement role plays and maintain realism with this pack. Profit calculations took several variables to try to make this mod fair as possible. Things such as; time spent maintaining the productions, input costs, production speeds, return of investment, ect.

Here’s a quick rundown of the productions;
Wash stones with water through the Washplant to create Paydirt. Then run the Paydirt, water and diesel through the Refinery to collect Gold, Silver, Gems and even Diamonds!
You can sell these valuables or turn them into exotic merchandise for an even larger profit at the Jewelry Production facility.

This mod includes:
– Buy station for stone (At increased cost).
– Modified MK32 tanker (Located in the Trailers Category).
– 3 Productions; Washplant, Refinery, Jewelry
– Sellpoiint
– 3 Shovels modified capacities and colors; Front Loader, Wheel Loader and Telehandler.

Stone WashPlant:
Input Stone and Water
Ouput Pay Dirt

Price: $145,000

Stones = 400,000 Liters
Water = 92,160 Liters
Pay Dirt = 400,000 Liters

Metals and Gem Refinery:
Input Pay Dirt, Water and Diesel
Ouput Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Gems

Price: $95,000

Pay Dirt = 237,600 Liters
Water = 46,080 Liters
Diesel = 23,040 Liters
Gold = 14,400 Liters
Silver = 33,600 Liters
Diamond = 5,000 Liters
Gems = 30,000 Liters

Gemstones Creations Factory:
Input Gold, Silver and Gems
Output Jewelry and Golden Cat Statues

Price: $70,000$

Gold = 8,000 Liters
Silver = 12,000 Liters
Gems = 12,000 Liters
Jewelry = 18,000 Liters
Golden Cat Statue = 10,000 Liters
Silverware = 15,000 Liters

File size is 18.8MB


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