FS22 Map Oravska Polhora 4x Map v8.0.0.0

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FS22 Map Oravska Polhora 4x Map v8.0.0.0

– new house models
– retexturing of some buildings
– correction of found errors

– change of textures: Rapeseed, Wheat, Oats
– removed invisible fence collision at pet store
– added some missing information about the place of purchase of goods and price status

– exchanged parsley for parsley
– reduction of the terrain at some hills more like reality
– widened the main road so that it does not catch wider machines
– added field boundary for AI workers and this means increasing the field from free surfaces
– goat milk repair is produced in pallets only in certain enclosures (GOAT) and wool is not produced, only 1 type can be produced from 1 enclosure
– new type of trees – aspen, beech
– removed the last system of harvesters, now only one is enough and it goes to all new vegetables
– improved textures of cabbage, carrots, beets
– changed eggs and their spawn in Maštali

I recommend playing a new game for those inexperienced with transferring savegames. !!!

– added new types of plants – red cabbage, red potatoes, parsley, rye, millet, mustard, beans, peas, flax, rice, lentils, spelled wheat, trikitale, Sudanese grass
– a new type of bales from some legumes
– added new production buildings and included new types of plants and materials for production
– new animals – cats, rabbits
– addition to orchards – hops, white grapes, apple tree
– adjusted routes for worker (H)

I didn’t have much time to properly test it all, if you find any errors, report them to us, I will fix them and then release the next version.

– correction of the texture of the last growth floor of the poppy
– correction of missing package textures
– added a few meters of new roads, around the river, supermarket Nižny Koniec, the old one from the right, it is now possible to send a worker
– adjusted routes for worker (H)
*- the mod package also includes a trailer with a photo – non-animated version *

– fixed tree bugs from DLC
– added 2 growth floors for seqoia, now it grows up to 90 meters

-Fixed new mastali for animal spawn eggs fixed.
-Modification of the translation for the hop product chain.
-Adjustment of feed mixtures for all animals, it is no longer necessary to fill all types of feed and calculate 100% effectiveness of the feed.

The map of the Orava Peninsula includes built-in new trees that are also planted – spruce, fir, beech, Douglas-fir
+ DLC trees
– new animals – Ducks, Geese
– new enclosure for animals – Turkeys, Pheasants, Peacocks
– added Berkshire pigs, Mangalica
– added Deer, Roe deer

Added new types of plants
Beetroot, Fodder beet, Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Cabbage, – a special combine for each one + somewhere it is enough just to change the adapter

Poppy – joint combine for grain
Lavender – cotton harvester

The map shows a village from Orava, a combination of forestry and agriculture.


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