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List of changes:
1. New crop “Apples” – used for the production of home or factory juices, moonshine and jam, and they can also simply be sold at the roadside market. You can produce apples in orchards, there are three in total. To speed up production, you can use manure or fertilizer. For the fastest production, use fertilizers.
3. New animals have been added to the map: rabbits, goats, ducks.
4. New product “Jam” – produced only at home. There are two options: apple and strawberry jam. They can be sold at the roadside market.
5. New product “Apple Juice” – it can be produced both at home and at the FruitLine plant.
6. New product “Goat’s milk” – used for the production of homemade cheese and factory cheese, which you can produce at the dairy.
7. New product “Moonshine” – made from grains, root vegetables or apples. In addition, to produce moonshine you will need yeast, which can be bought in a store or produced in a special factory.
8. New product “Homemade Cheese” – produced at home from cow or goat milk.
9. New product “Smoked Meat” – produced at the home production “Smoking House” from meat: goats, ducks or rabbits.
10. The operating principle of greenhouses has been changed. Now you will need seeds to grow vegetables. And if you want to speed up production in greenhouses, you can use fertilizers or solid manure. For the fastest production, use fertilizers.
11. New objects have been added to the construction menu, section “Production”: production of homemade cheeses, production of homemade juices and jams, production of moonshine, three new greenhouses, apple orchards, smokehouse.
12. New objects have been added to the construction menu, section “Animals”: rabbitry and goat pens.
13. New equipment has been added to the store: MKS 8, MKS32 and ZZhV-F-3.2 for transporting goat milk.
14. Equipment for transporting rabbits and birds has been added to the store.
18. A completely new meat processing plant! In addition to the existing products: Angus beef steaks, beef, pork, ham, Milk sausage, Lyubitelskaya sausage, new ones have been added: lamb, chicken fillet, chicken drumstick, rabbit meat. Animals and birds are accepted subject to certain conditions. These conditions are published on the information stand on the territory of the plant.
19. Compost was added as fertilizer. You can produce it from plant residues. A total of three components are used: 1) grass, alfalfa or clover, 2) any hay, 3) straw or wood chips. For production you need to purchase a special composter.
22. New initial player base consisting almost entirely of unique objects. The base is designed so that each object can be sold separately. When selling objects, pay attention to the ground, there are decals with oil stains on it that should also be sold.
23. Three new fields have been added, one of which is located next to the player’s base. It will be yours right from the start, provided you play on the easy difficulty level.
24. New production – a vegetable garden where you can grow potatoes, sugar beets, white cabbage or carrots.
27. The map supports the Enhanced Animal System mod.
29. Electricity has been added to the map; it can be produced at the BGA. Electricity is necessary for factories, but is not a necessary component, but only a booster. Production with electricity runs 15% faster.
30. At a sugar factory, a product is added – molasses. This is a secondary product that will appear during the production of sugar. You can use it in the production of yeast.
31. Added a yeast production factory.
32. To produce honey in an apiary, consumables will now be needed in the form of special frames for hives. You can either make them yourself in a carpentry shop or purchase them in a store.
33. All businesses can be sold. To do this, you need to find a special sign on the territory of the enterprise and click on it in construction mode. Please note that when the production is sold, the buildings will remain in their place!
34. New consumables have been added to the store: wooden boxes, plastic boxes, propane-butane.

1. Fixed an error in translating sheep feed.
2. Fixed types of pig feed.
3. Fixed a bug with completing contracts for harvesting.
4. Fixed a bug with the display of stones on the map.

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