FS19 Goldcrest Valley v1.2 FS19

FS19 Goldcrest Valley v1.2 FS19

GOLDCREST VALLEY v1.2 map for Farming Simulator 19 game. What is more, GOLDCREST VALLEY is one of the most popular map.

Changelog: Version 1.2:
– Removed the grass from the road
– Added the second train (now there are two)
– Aircraft down
– Other minor changes

My envelope card from farming simulator 2017, the card had to be made almost from scratch, on the map 31 field, the whole map is broken into pieces for their purchase in the game . On the map there is traffic and pedestrians, 1 train ( with the second has not yet decided how to add it as the script supports only one train), when you select the “New farmer” is given equipment and some buildings to start a career, as well as 3 fields. The map will be updated and improved in the future!


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41 Responses

  1. Александр says:

    Спасибо большое Автору мода.Еще бы gps мод и автопогрузку бревен было бы супер!!!!

  2. Игорь says:

    Как с автором конвера связаться?

    • oliguy34rocks says:

      can’t find the exact spot to sell my wood at the sawmill on this map, I have my trailer full of logs next to the “sell wood” button and nothing happens…tried selling it in the marked off box next to the lake and even tried unloading into the lake like you could in the last game, can you add a support box or mark off a sell point? thx

  3. lars-emil says:

    Warning: Duplicate l10n entry ‘station_farmSilo’ in mod ‘FS19_Goldcrest_Valley’. Ignoring this defintion.
    Warning: Duplicate l10n entry ‘station_spinnery’ in mod ‘FS19_Goldcrest_Valley’. Ignoring this defintion.
    Warning: Duplicate l10n entry ‘station_barn’ in mod ‘FS19_Goldcrest_Valley’. Ignoring this defintion.
    Warning: Duplicate l10n entry ‘station_bakery’ in mod ‘FS19_Goldcrest_Valley’. Ignoring this defintion.

  4. Korey D Healey says:

    Good map so far. Thanks for taking the backwards flying planes down. Is there the sleep point on the farm?

  5. geglnh says:

    hard time getting any of the fields to level for any of the bigger buildings most won’t even on the flat fields

  6. gray says:

    can not put in place a balls in because it crashes

  7. Matt says:

    can’t tip at the bakery sell point

  8. Kevin Grimm says:

    Great so far. Can’t sell wood chips?

  9. Amber says:

    I can’t place any buildings or objects anywhere, what gives?

    • squide says:

      have you bought the land??

    • Jayirvinh says:

      I had to start the game as farm manager before I could place

    • Celine says:

      J’adore cette map je viens d’y tombé dessus j’espèrer depuis longtemps qu’elle soit mis à jour pour fs19. Merci ! Par contre je rencontre un problème, je ne peux pas prendre un employé pour passé le cultivateur ou la soleuse. 😔 j’espère que vous pourrez m’aider merci en tous cas de l’avoir mis à jour.

  10. Michael says:

    cannot even use the gas stations!

  11. Amber says:

    I have to exit an re enter my game every time I want to place something, and my chickens all disappeared and won’t let me sell the pen for them

  12. austin says:

    please put the cranes in at the sawmill and where the two trains meet that would be appreciated

  13. seb says:

    il y as une erreurs sur le point de vente( désolé pas retenue le nom ) entre le champ 26 et le champ 28 le triger de vente n’ai pas sur la plateforme, il ai devant le batiement au milieu de la cour

    une fois le groupe 27/28 acheter on ne peut pas travailler le centre du champ 27 “ce terrain ne vous appartiens pas ”

    merci pour votre travail

  14. Serega says:

    The map is not finalized. Raw A lot of things do not work ..

  15. Bellets says:

    Great map so far, just a couple of issues in multiplayer. It seems that is you go near the edge of the map and then you look “outside” of the map the game screen freezes but the game itself keeps running, since in the PDA you can see that your stil moving.
    Another litte issue, that i don’t know if is related to the fact that i’m playing with the game in italian, is that the names of the selling points are not well shown, for example instead of “barn” there is “station_barn” and so on.
    Still a very nice map, hope you can sol this little bugs.

  16. Peter Jackson says:

    i also have that issue where it freezes near the end of the map near 25 and 10

  17. luiz carlos says:

    o melhor mapa na minha opinião só que não consigo comprar animais e quando consigo ele desaparecem

  18. Andrea says:

    hi I wanted to report an error in the map, the error occurs when I place the objects positioned in the floor and does not allow me to sell them or even to change the terrain ie to go from grass to concrete with the function change landscapes?

  19. roger says:


  20. roger says:

    hello can you pleas update this map????????

  21. BILL JAMES says:

    having real hard time finding the trigger point to empty my trailer at the station bakery… is there anyone that can give me some help how to figure this problem out, because i really injoy this map even when i was using it on fs17…. thank you to the mod author that did this map.. it is really incrediable

  22. jayirvin says:

    In my opinion Gold Crest Valley is the most genius map in farm sim 17 and I am so great full to have it in 19 where I can have horse and the new graphics engine.

  23. jayirvin says:

    Gold Crest Valley is the most genius map in farm sim 17 in my opinion. I am so great full to have it in 19 . I can have horses and the new graphics engine

  24. Jayirvin says:

    Need to be able to fill water truck from river.

  25. Maki says:

    Hello update v1.3 patch grass no,no cov itd.

  26. Jayirvin says:

    Can’t sell wheat at the bakery or with the train

  27. yonut says:

    When you make a map like that at fs 17 mining construct economi
    I expect an answer I,m very interesed

  28. Winnsford says:

    Can’t tip at the bakery sell point. Failed mission

  29. TekLest says:

    Great recreate of the goldcrest valley map just dont like where the water tower and hay loft are but still i play this map best so far

  30. dave says:

    ik kan bij biogas het kaf niet fermenteren, hoe kan dit?

  31. dave says:

    if I release the corn from biogas and drive a few times over it, I cannot let it ferment. someone who knows how this is possible?

  32. dave says:

    i have problems on biogas

  33. Anthony says:

    When will the Goldcrest Valley get updated no animals

  34. Myron says:

    Is there a reason I can’t use the trains or unload grain at the train stations? Great map btw

  35. Acesfullmilw says:

    Can’t load grain at train station

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