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FS19 CoursePlay 6

Courseplay is a modification for Farming Simulator 19. It allows you to have many different vehicles driving around autonomously and automatically, have them do field work, unload combines, drive fruit to selling points, fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel, level and compact silage and much more…

Attention: This mod doesn’t work in multiplayer!

This is a special program with artificial intelligence that will take control of all your equipment and thus will automate the work on the farm. As you know, you can hire an employee in the game, but he only performs very small tasks, and here, you can fine-tune all the techniques giving him such tasks as: plowing fields, seeding a certain crop on the selected field (you need to select a number), cleaning harvesting, transportation of goods from point A to point B, mowing grass and, accordingly, baling of hay. All of the above, only a small part of the possibilities in the new version of this program. Also it became more convenient and understandable for beginners, template tasks appeared and errors of past versions were corrected. After entering the game, press Ctrl + Delete, a special menu will appear where you can configure the tasks for the entire technique.

Installation of the published version

Copy the archive FS19_CoursePlay6.zipto your mods folder. That’s it!
The mods folder is located:

  • Windows (7 and higher) :
  • C: \ Users \ [USER NAME] \ My Documents \ MyGames \ FarmingSimulator2019 \ mods
  • Mac OS X (Download / DVD / Steam version) :
  • / Users / [USER NAME] / Library / Application Support / Farming Simulator2019
  • Mac OS X (X 10.7 and higher) :
  • / Users / [USER NAME] /Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2019/Data/Library/Application Support / FarmingSimulator2019

How to install Courseplay beta – Farming Simulator 19 Courseplay Tutorial

Farming Simulator 19 How to Install Courseplay (Developer Version) – Courseplay Tutorial


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34 Responses

  1. Reed Sutherland says:

    Cannot wait until this is released. Any ETA?

  2. Grayeagle54 says:

    FS19 is a bust without you guys any time frame on when new courseplay might be here? if you need a tester hit me up on steam!

  3. Thiago Lima says:

    When will course play be available for FS19?

  4. Chris says:

    Looking at the past, the Courseplay mod was introduced for FS 2017 one month after the official release of the Simulator game. The Modhub version hit the Internet few months later after the launch. So we hope to see FS19 Courseplay published not later than one month after the official launch of Farming Simulator 2019, but be patient if it’s delayed for one additional month.

  5. Stero says:

    One of the biggest thig, why i buy this game was courseplay.
    Biggest reason for buy this game was really courseplay. 😀
    We all will waiting for u guys. thanks

  6. Brendon Rasell says:

    Courseplay makes this game into a true farm manager game. Love courseplay.

  7. Chris g says:

    Slowly but surely wins the race. their perfection demands care and attention to detail. they will probably be up by the new year. if you’re looking for a progress report, hunt around Github, you’ll find answers

  8. Paulo Cesar Barbosa says:

    Para falar a verdade o mod courseplay ele não é bom ele é exelente precisa atualizar ja não da para jogar sem o courseplay .

  9. Chris Gardner says:

    Coming along nicely. they are fixing bugs created by code changes by giants. Keep up the good work CP!

  10. Erwin says:

    Got fs 15 with cp. Bought fs 17 for ps4, but missed cp too much i bought fs 19 on pc again. i’m a big fan of courseplay. Can’t wait untill CP5 is out.

  11. Alexsander Martioli says:

    cade o courseplay quando sera postado tem mais de 1 mes

  12. CRISTIAN says:


  13. Jean-Noël CHASSAGNE says:

    Where is courseplay fs19 ? It will be too late if you want if you want keep care of players. I go to leave this game : too annoying whithout courseplay !!!!

  14. rap17 says:

    any news on when this would be available in the multiplayer world??

  15. Bart says:

    when is it comming?

  16. Jean-Noël CHASSAGNE says:

    Coming soon ? But too late.
    Je suis joueur sur FS depuis la version 2011. J’estime qu’au stade FS19 le COURSEPLAY devrait être intégrer à la version officielle. Cela fait maintenant trop longtemps que je scrute tous les jours l’éventuelle parution de la version promise. Il n’y a aucun intérêt sans ce scripte : trop barbant.

    Trop tard ! Je revendrai mon CD mais je vais bien me garder de faire de la pub pour cette version !

    sorry but goodbye .


  17. toter112 says:

    ich kann nicht mehr drauf warten für ls19 das macht nämlich mais häckseln viel leichter

  18. cedric renard says:

    bonjour je n’arrive pas a telechargé le mod courseplay comment je pourrais le telechargé merci bien a vous

  19. Daniel Łabęda says:

    Na wersji Steam nie działa

  20. Grayeagle54 says:

    Be patient gang its being worked on FS19 tosed a lot of problem at the dev’s there working just as hared as they can. I’m hearing one fix makes three bugs so its a slow process they should be releasing a alpha or beta soon just hang in there. you want to do something nice for them donate to the cause it helps them out a bunch.

  21. brad says:

    I’m getting a malware warning when I try to download

  22. Manny Sclimenti says:

    I am Bata testing courseplay here is what I found when unloading a harvester with offload courseplay it drives to close to the harvester and hit it when set to auto also at the end of the course it won’t offload what is left in the trailer even if you hit drive now or continue (2) when using courseplay and copy a course that the harvester used so you can collect straw with a forger and offload when the forge offloads for the 1st time it dos not know were it left off so it go’s in circles

  23. PAULO RENATO says:


  24. D3nn1sTV says:

    hab ne frage… wird der mod auch für den multiplayer kommen? ich würde das ja hart feiern ich liebe diesen mod

  25. VeRNoMoS says:

    Курсплей ну очень очень очень СЫРОЙ . не доволен.

  26. Fari says:

    It is not possible to turn on the offer, it is often not possible to stop the machine. It has a lot of bugs. sugar cane cannot be set! It worked well in fs17 but fs19 isnt worth it

  27. Pissed off gamer says:

    I cant get this POS to work. Its the only mod selected and it still wont function. Why wont it work??????

  28. cnclown says:

    me two have you found a fix

  29. Perry Campbell says:

    One problem I an having so I have moved all my mods from the mods folder in FS19 and the mod does not appear as Installed even though it’s in my mods folder with .zip

  30. Perry Campbell says:

    Hello Don’t worry I have it now appearing in my installed mods I had to unzip the files with the 2 folders in it then zip one of the folders to .zip and it is now showing up.

    This mod looks cool I will be playing around with it now as I have it showing as installed.

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