Frohnheim Multifruit v1.0 FS19

Frohnheim Multifruit v1.0 FS19

Hello, hereby I introduce you my Map Frohnheim, this is a 4-fold MAP with all standard fruits, there are about

Version Frohnheim Multifruit
New fruits rye, spelled, millet and poppy added
Corrected farmyard, stored fruits are displayed in the overview, storage capacity 800,000 L per fruit
Added traffic (to be extended)
In Frohnheim now run a few people.

40 fields between 8 and 90 ha. It is for players who like maps with large helper friendly fields. The fields are exclusively rectangular and have at the beginning and end large areas for the turning trip. Since there are only a few such maps, this is even created. It is only tested in SP mode. All fields are defined and also purchasable, there are several points of sale as well as a BGA. The basis of this map is based on the empty quadruple map of Kastor and I hereby thank him and all other modders for all the objects I used to create this map.


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16 Responses

  1. canterdoc says:

    hola buenas noche buenos dias buenas tardes . como instalo el mapa porfavor soy nuevo en el farmin

  2. danni says:

    in two mins installed and removed…map not finished..why posting unfinished maps!? ..not one selling point..invisible wall when trying to enter garage..doors wont open…bad map..with big potential…but for now not finished

  3. Neo says:

    New patch came out today and when it loads in to the game, it freezes up, so can you update the map to the new Patch.

  4. mike rice says:

    Map looks great one of the best maps I’ve seen. Are there any sell points on this map, drove around only found one. nothing showing on map icon. I would love to farm this map but no where to sell.

  5. kevin30 says:

    nah to big and not finishd. make it ready firts with selling points and stuff. add all fruits onions carrots hops millit radish red and white hemp. then you will get alot of downloads thats what players want and look for good luck !!! its good map but needs work

  6. Raimundo Nobre says:

    Frohnheim Multifruit: I downloaded version 1.0 but can not play, because the administration panel where the values of cultures and quantity is not displayed, everything is blank. It also has a lot of lag in some fields.

  7. Dalton says:

    trying to unzip mod. shows there but wont unzip.

  8. d1gamer says:

    yeh could not find one sell point

  9. josh says:

    there are no sell points on this map

  10. Jonas says:

    Its a awesome big map and i want to farm it, but need sell points thnx!

  11. Jasonwired says:

    The sell points are there. Just there is an issue in the with how the map was zipped up.
    The fix is to rename the map directory correctly.
    To do that do the following:
    1. Unzip the map file
    2. Rename the parent directory from fs19_frohnheim_mf to FS19_Frohnheim_MF
    3. Go into the parent directory and select all the files and rezip them. I use 7-zip to do that.
    4. move the new zipped file to the mods folder.
    Sell points will work as they should.

  12. Jonas says:

    That problem fixed the pricelist problem, thnx!

    But i bought a Silo and placed at the two silos at the startpoint and after that i cant place any other objects or sell that silo, do you have a solution for that?

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