Fliegl flatbed squarebale autoload v1.0.0.3 FS19

Fliegl flatbed squarebale autoload v1.0.0.3 FS19

This is the Squarebale Trailer.
To activate the autoload function, set the device to working position.
The unloading point of Fliegl Flatbed can be adjusted steplessly, on both sides and in height. So you can decide whether to unload the trailer with frontloader or place the bales directly on the ground

I have added the Autoload to a Fliegl Flatbed. I give credit to Kentucky for the Fliegl Flatbed and Bigdaddy012678 credit for the Autoload. I simply combined the two. This is my first mod, Log looks clean however when you see trailer in store the supports are not down, so you will need a wheel loader to lift it but once you attach the trailer then unattach the supports work. Well hope you all enjoy.” – TATOR – THE SUPPORTS ARE FIXED! The trailer is now in the shop properly, and spawns on its legs properly. I cleaned all the errors out of the model and xmls – This edit reconfigured the autoload to accept 30 square bales, and properly spaces them on the trailer. Eliminating the space at the front and back, no other changes.

*Uses the original file name, so overwrite the exsisting one in the mods folder and you shouldnt need to rebuy it.*

Thanks to all the real modders who made the trailer in the first place!
Special thanks to KentuckyFarmer, BigDaddy012678, Tator, and The Expendables modding facebook group for the help!

Kentucky Farmer (Trailer), Bigdaddy012678 (autoload), Tator (Merge), MiscGuy (Edits)

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14 Responses

  1. Touta says:

    Can you do this for round ball too?

  2. djacid says:

    is there a way for you to do the pallets also (wool)

    Great mod

  3. Vozel says:

    I Think u upload wrong file cos is showing max 24 squarebale and is still legs down

  4. Çiftçi says:

    Tr: Hatalar hala yerli yerinde duruyor ! Hiç bir değişim yoktur ! En: Mistakes are still in place! There is no change!

  5. Tommy Skogstad says:

    Wrong File Uploaded.

  6. 6462 says:

    its not working

  7. Midknight says:

    This is not fixed at all, The legs are still not down and only accepts 24 bales

  8. Midknight says:

    This is not fixed at all, Legs are still not working and only accepts 24 bales not 30

  9. MiscGuy says:

    I only uploaded the mod to MODHUB.US, so whoever put it here put the wrong one. I also did the roundbale one, sorry no progress with pallets yet.

  10. Konservative says:

    Legs still do not work.

  11. António Gonçalves says:


  12. iamchriswick says:

    1. Trailer does not spawns on its legs properly in shop or after you buy it. Does however spawn correctly after you have connected and disconnected it to a trailer.

    2. There are clearly room for 6 more square-bales on the back.

    3. Safety straps does not cover the bales.

  13. Brian Bayliss says:

    this trailer dose no unload bales stay on tralier

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