Claas Lexion 700 100th Anniversary (*UNREALISTIC*) v1.0 FS19

Claas Lexion 700 100th Anniversary (*UNREALISTIC*) v1.0 FS19

PLEASE REMEMBER: I am NOT the creator of this mod. All I did is edit the original mod (check it out) to my desire. Thank you and have fun with it! If the ‘link-to-text’ does not work, I will be putting the link to the original mod in the comments of this post.

DISCLAIMER: If you do not like unrealistic mods, this mod may not be suitable for you. Otherwise, have fun being unrealistic!

Changelog v1.0
– Added ‘Velocity DK’ to authors (kept original authors)
– Modified power of Lexion combine to 1’000 HP
– Modified maximum speed (forward) of Lexion combine to 50 MPH/KPH
– Modified maximum speed (backward) of Lexion combine to 25 MPH/KPH
– Reduced price of Lexion combine from 398’000 to 250’000 (Just to add more “unrealalisticity”)
– Modified working width of the ‘Conspeed 8 75 FC’ header to 25 meters
– Modified working width of the ‘Diamant HS12’ header to 100 meters
– Modified working width of the ‘Vario 750’ header to 45 meters
– Modified working width of the ‘Vario 900’ header to 80 meters
– Modified working width of the ‘Vario 1050’ header to 150 meters
– Modified working width of the ‘Vario 1230’ header to 200 meters
– Modified fuel usage for Lexion combine to 1.0 liter per hour
– Modified DEF usage for Lexion combine to 0.1
– Modified Lexion combine capacity to 10’000’000 liters
– Modified Lexion combine fuel capacity to 100’000 liters
– Modified Lexion combine DEF capacity to 100’000 liters

Original creator: VeguetaConversion for FS19: Winston9587Unrealistic version: Velocity DK

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5 Responses

  1. GameFreak7914 says:

    Does not work at all skips across field and no product will go into the holding tank, way to many bugs.

    Removed from mods folder.

  2. Sycowolf says:

    I think it’s a good start a lot of bugs at least for me I am using it now as I type this it doesn’t go 50mph it does 6mph max in field and when not harvesting the capacity is good so far the headers do not work at the width there supposed to I’m using the 80m on but it only has a width of 9.2 not sure how to go about fixing it if you can. Help me that would be awesome 🙂

  3. Countryboyq says:

    I ran into the same issues. Deleted the mod from my mods folder as well. I looked at the XML file but i don’t know whats wrong with it.

  4. Steve says:

    You set the total crop capacity at 10000000L and the discharge still at 427L gonna take forever to empty with a full load???

  5. Lammktze says:

    Still not working, gg

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