Bromar Motherbin V1.1 FS19

Bromar Motherbin V1.1 FS19

This is the MotherBin trailer mod from FS17 that I have converted to FS19. I know many have been waiting on a larger Augerwagon so here it is. A few things to note, I do not recommend trying to move it when it’s loaded as like in FS17 it was ment to be a stationary bin to use for your implements to unload in while you truck it to your grainery. I have checked in both single and MP and had no errors and everything works. I’ve put in extension sizes of 1M, 1.5M, and 2M capacity and fill type is Bulk so it will hold everything. Enjoy.

– Hitch movement fixed
– Added tire options and added hubs also.
– Fixed working light and added Beacon to rear.

Working on:
– Auger rotation in unloading pipe.

Please do not upload this mod to other sites without approval from me or the previous modder from FS17.

Xetoa & (Modder Rolf FS17)

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13 Responses

  1. Totius says:

    Hitch isn’t moving up and down and it lifts up back wheels of every tractor

  2. Maestros says:

    What Totius said and it also isn’t turning right, it turns but it turns… wrong. can’t explain it better

  3. holden says:

    can this be a thing for xbox one pls

  4. Woody says:

    Neat idea, but it’s unusable until it gets some more refinement. Lifts rear tractor wheels off the ground. The rear tires of the trailer should be turn the opposite direction as the front wheels. Instead, the whole thing slides sideways around corners.

    • s says:

      back tires dont move mate imagine a truck in real life that has turning backtires… its not even possible . Let me give u another example do car’s back tires turn too? ( No)

  5. s says:

    I was searching for a sugarcane trailer cuz u cant attach anything to the machinery (2 row) sept the low cap trailers but they fill in moments. So i tested the motherbin can be attached to the sugarcane harvester(1 row) and instead the motherbin all 4 front wheels are in the air 🙂

  6. S says:

    Sorry for multiple comments. So i just tested the motherbin and the tractor suspention is due to high power couplung from the motherbin( the yellow rod that attaches to tractor) so if u lower it a bit it will be fine. Also if u use Treleborg standard tires the tractor wheels are almost not suspended or verry slightly. I tested it with Fendt with belt wheels and with challenger big tractor and i barely see the suspension. But the sliding at turns remains a problem but it could be engine thing due to the long veichle design

  7. Reginald Jackson says:

    hitch isn’t lined up properly and throws even the largest tractor around on a corner

  8. S says:

    Well u can still use it as a silo with ita huge cap. I personaly use it for straw

  9. Stephen Sparrow says:

    Please could this be updated to work on consoles, it was great in fs17 miss its flexibility in fs19.

  10. Gsgsfgfv? says:

    GAGA a doua oară în acest moment, în atenția publicului. Dacă nu ai de ce

  11. Joseph Guillot says:

    can you plz put this mod on console. I have been waiting for someone to put it on.

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