BigFarmersPack v1.0 FS19

BigFarmersPack v1.0 FS19

I once took the standard Giants devices and just improved them. I recommend this modpack if it should go faster or you play with a yield mod which increases the amount.

First attempt to make your own changes. I do not own copyrights.


All working ranges are not optical!

BiggerAnimalFoodMixer160k: price300k € 160kcapacity 80km / h upgrade increased pickup range
Truck120KMH: Price180k € 860PS 120km / h 50% Masser increased
FENDT1000ELITE: Price50k € Upgrade 600hp 90km / h 2xmass
W190D: Price250k € 3xMass Better engine
wheelLoader20k: Price10k € 20kcapacity 6M (working width)
Spreder50K: Price300k € 60 km / h 20km / h (work) 50kFaßungsvermögen fertilizer + weed killing
CottonHarvester10M: price600k € 10M (working width) 50km / h 20km / h (work)
SugarCaneHarvester100K: Price500k € 5M (working width) 100kcapacity
BeetHarvester100K: Price600k € 50km / h 100kcapacity
BeetHeader10M: Price125k € 20km / h (work) 10M (working distance)
PotatoeHarvester100K: Price600k € 50km / h 20km / h (work) 10M (working distance) 100kcapacity
BIG1180ELITE100K: Price600k € 80km / h 100kcapacity
HarvestHeader15M: Price140k € 20km / h (work) 15M (working distance)
Cutter15M: Price80k € 20km / h (work) 15M (working distance)
AGCO_IDEAL_ELITE100K: Price600k € 80km / h 100kcapacity
FruitHeader26M: price120k € 20km / h (work) 26M (working distance)
Drescherkopf26M: Price120k € 20km / h (work) 26M (working distance)
MultiTanker75k: price110k € 75kassurance liquid manure also
Guell distributor 50k: Price200k € 35km / h (work) 50kcapacity
Manure spreader50k: Price120k € 35km / h (work) 26M (working range) 50kcapacity
Kalker40k: Price90k € 35km / h (work) 26M (working range) 40kcapacity
Balepress10k: Price150k € 40km / h (work) 1kFillliterperscond 4M (working range) 10kBallen
LoadWagon150k: Price75 € Upgrade 40km / h (work) 150kcapacity 30M (working distance)
UeberladeWagen150k: Price150k € 150kFaßungsvermögen
MultiSeedTank30k24k: price85k € 30kseed 24kfertilizer
MultiSeeder25M: price290k € all saen 25km / h (work)
Trailer300K: -Config1 price80k € 30k / 30kFassungsvermögen
-Config2 price + 128500 € 60k / 60kcapacity
-Config3 price + 228500 € 150k / 150kcapacity


Modell: GiantsTextur: GiantsScript:GiantsIdee / Konzept: GiantsSonstige: SvenDasSchaf

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