1948 Ford F100 service truck v1.0 FS19

1948 Ford F100 service truck v1.0 FS19

This truck has a service tool option activated near the tailgate. Many skin options including a rusty/patina texture.

Brandon Sanderson, Travis Cramer, Chris DiMambro & Michael Adams.

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10 Responses

  1. Jim Finlaw says:

    Noticed this 48′ Ford truck’s frame keeps jumping around and through the truck’s body as you drive it down the road, which is VERY ANNOYING! Hope somebody can fix this problem in the future. The service feature on this truck works great. You just go to the tailgate and hit “R” to activate the service mode. I would have used a vintage Snap-on tools logo on the tool box itself. Otherwise great mod. Love the looks of this truck.

    • Jim Finlaw says:

      Alright, I found out it was something in the Old Family Farm map that was causing this 48 Ford truck’s chassis shaking problem to happen. Tried the truck in other maps and it works just fine. Go figure….

  2. nathalie cuvillier says:

    g pas de logo sur les porte dommage.

  3. MEI says:

    This Truck just looks amazing.
    Only weird thing happening to mine was yesterday – when I wanted to use it, suddenly it looked like the complete interior was jumping in and out of the truck. At first sight it looked like an alien trying to fight the truck 😉
    Later I recognised it was raining – maybe it came from movement of the wiper!? Looks really strange and can not be used like this without me getting nervous in front of the screen.

    • Dave B. says:

      The frame twists back and forth instead of the wiper blades when it rains it’s the only issue I have found with the truck. I don’t have the software to look through the 3D work and fix it otherwise would repair it and release it with credits to the original people because it’s a great truck. I wish someone would fix it.

  4. Dave B says:

    This is always my first truck on a new map because I just love it too much thanks for the mod and work

  5. Dave B says:

    There is a bit of an issue though with the wipers the entire chassy rotates with the wipers when it rains the 3d mapping needs to be repaired for the animation on the wipers.

    This is the only thing I can see wrong with this mod otherwise I love it

  6. Ethan A says:

    This truck just looks cool. Wish for someone to covert it and make it available for console.

  7. Jon says:

    The truck is beautiful but the mod has problems. As others have mentioned, you can’t drive it while it’s raining. It also throw some errors and warnings in the log. I have been using it for awhile and it seems to be working fine, other than the issue with the rain.

  8. Jackson says:

    Hey buddy. I have a few questions but my biggest one is how do you get these trucks

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