Why Farming Simulator 19 will be the best FS series game!

Why Farming Simulator 19 will be the best FS series game!

Let’s begin with the whole physics overhaul.

FS19 Vehicles will be more responsive to the terrain and movement will feel much more realistic than before. Compared to the stiffness of previous titles where you felt like you were driving on a track. The overall graphics of the game are breathtaking and are mindblowingly better than the previous title. Everything from shaders and texture rendering, to the skybox and dynamic weather. Overall huge improvements over its predecessor. The beauty of this game is a huge factor and sell point for me. I’ve always loved realer the better.

Let’s get into the added Farming Simulator 19 features. For starters, oats and cotton. Two new crops to mess with is great. Adding more variety is always a plus. The oats more than likely will have a purpose of feeding horses and will probably be sellable as well. Cotton, will probably just be another sellable crop which is fine because that means new equipment we get to mess with. From harvesters to tippers and whatever else they decide to add. New crops is always a great addition. Other features we’re looking at which will be huge improvements and were much needed before, is the FS19 tractor preview before buying. Big additions if you ask me and will help majorly.

How bout the addition of JOHN FRIGGIN DEERE. The brand we’ve wanted see since Farming Simulator came into existence. Yea FS19 mods are great, but they’re not as polished, can be buggy, and console users don’t get them. This is definitely what I’m most excited about. John Deere done right and added to the base game. Sky’s the limit now.

The horses I’m betting will have more purpose than just riding. Definitely sellable and raisable. So yes they will be like pigs, but that’s another whole mechanic you’ll be able to invest in if your thing is horses. Personally, I’m a pig farmer, as they’re the most profitable in game and easiest to get you going in the beginning. But I’m not here to argue that point. Some people enjoy new FS19 features added to the Farming Simulator 19 game that allow for a different a feel or a perk. In this case, a type of transportation. It’s called immersion. Riding around on your ranch/farm is just one more notch of realism added to the game for different people to enjoy. It’s like why add any other brands to the FS19 game? They all do the same thing. They’re just reskins of eachother. Giants should just take the most popular brand, put only that one brand in the game, and be done with it. If they were to have the mentality you have.

And since we’re speaking of realism or features, it’s funny that the thing your most excited about is birds. BIRDS! Really??? All these great new features and additions to making the Farming Simulator 19 game more realistic, immersive, and aesthetically pleasing, and you’re pumped for birds. Dear god. And I’m sure there are ton of other things I’ve missed to touch on and plenty of things Giants hasn’t even released to us yet.

Anyways, if you can’t see the beauty and game changing features they’re adding to the Farming Simulator series and how much of impact they’ll make for us, then I feel sorry for you. As I’m more excited for this release than I’ve been for any other Farming Simulator title. My guess is your very casual with the game and were looking for a battle royal feature or monster FS19 trucks or something crazy to make your head spin. Well this is Farming Simulator bud, where we farm.

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