West End 64x by Levis FS19 v1.0 FS19

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West End 64x by Levis FS19 v1.0 FS19

Welcome to West End! ( READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD!)

This is an extremely large 64x map. The size is 16km x 16km.

Long roads, large and extra-large fields, 2 huge forests, more than 50 productions, farms, rail networks and everything that you need. This map really keeps you busy.

The map compatible with Seasons, Straw Harvest, StrawMe, MaizePlus, MaizePlus CCM, and Sugar Beet Harvest. You can use all of these mods together.

Not compatible with Courseplay because of the field sizes. Only can take courses on the smaller and middle-size fields, on the large and extra-large fields it doesn’t work. Must turn off the CP field scan, if you leave it on the game freezes for 15-30 minutes when you buy field 7 (which is 15km long) and at every game start.

The helpers are working perfectly on the map, I can suggest Admin Helper mod, which can hire up to 20 helpers.

After download needs to unzip the file and copy all the 6 files into your mods folder. This map is huge, you need a decent pc and GPU to enjoy it. I suggest emptying your mods folder for the first time and add only later the error-free mods. The map is 100% error-free, has been tested 6 months long. There are some mods that don’t work and make errors (ie: Ai vehicle extension). I don’t give support for any mod make errors, you need to find it and delete it. We tried to correct every error and flying object, if you still find something wrong, please let me know.


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7 Responses

  1. ozir2134 says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say Thank you very much for releasing this map, I was looking for it all over the internet for a long time This map is great I heard a lot of this map and I didn’t know it would be that great again thank you very very much. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Michael Szarwark says:

    i am having a problem with the map, i choose the global mods only to start hit enter wait for it to load. i check some of the TABS especially the sell points it shows 3 of them. i save the game then Shut FS19 down. When i come back to the save game with the map i checked the sell points, they have disappeared. Can you tell me what is going on?

  3. tomek says:

    hi the map is nice bat after close i luse all storage pless contact

  4. Mr_lerat says:

    bug complet niveau des contra, impossible que tu livre la récolte pendant le contra, contra qui disparaît quand on relance la partie ou des nouveaux contras sont remplacer.


    Hello!The map is great and very fast no problem with fps.
    please tell me how i will plant red grapes?
    i think the belt system dont work to the map.

  6. Sickylord says:

    Schöne Map. Nur jedes mal beim start gefüllte 5 min bla bla bla werbung vom ersteller der map nerft sehr.

  7. starlord says:

    there is a bug in the animal stables

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