Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood v1.2 FS19

Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood v1.2 FS19

This is set of three log trailers, which have larger space between forks, so you can load / unload them with front loader or big arm loaders. Autoload script was edited, so logs are now sorted to the piles.

-added new 15m and 20m trailers
-added additional forks which can be folded / unfolded when you are loading short logs to 3 or 4 piles (15m and 20m trailers)
-added back attacher for trailer and trailerLow to all trailers
-fixed showing controls when attached to dolly
-Autoload script edited (logs are now sorted to the piles)
-you can change number of logs piles on your trailer from 1 to 4
-you can switch between piles manually
-you can show unload area to see where logs will be unloaded
-you can show load area to see current pile
-you can move, resize and rotate unload area
-improved stability of trailer
-all controls can be set in your Inputbindings
-you can enable / disable F1 help, will be saved as global in xml config file

12m trailer – 1 pile up to 12m, 2 piles up to 6m or 3 piles up to 4m
15m trailer – 1 pile up to 15m, 2 piles up to 7.5m or 3 piles up to 5m or 4 piles up to 3.5m
20m trailer – 1 pile up to 20m, 2 piles up to 10m, 3 piles up to 6.5m or 4 piles up to 5m

KEY_X – fold / unfold additional forks (15m and 20m trailers)
KEY_B – start autoload
KEY_Y – start unload
KEY_O – change side (left / right)
KEY_KP_enter – change number of piles
KEY_KP_period – switch to next pile
KEY_KP_minus – shift unload position
KEY_KP_plus – resize unload position
KEY_KP_0 – rotate unload position
KEY_KP_multiply – show / hide load position (current pile)
KEY_KP_divide – show / hide unload position
KEY_lctrl KEY_t – show / hide F1 help controls (saved in xml config file)


kenny456, Marhu, Dimanix

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14 Responses

  1. max says:

    hey can you make this that i can controll this autoload with controller ? i play with a ps3 controller on pc ! but the game show the ps3 controller like an xbox controller

  2. TREVOR says:

    what is KEY_KP ?

  3. kenny456 says:

    max: all controls of this mod you can set in inputBindings so where is the problem

  4. kenny456 says:

    Trevor: KEY_KP are keys on numeric keyboard

  5. Rhubens says:

    There is a mod named “ALL autoload fully operational without keyboard 2.0” use that for controller

  6. Alex says:

    Delivery Space Blocked , Please clear delivery zone on update 1.3

    Tried 3 different maps

  7. Seb says:

    Cant unload anymore, possibly new update broke the script. The wood just unloads onto the trailer itself.

  8. GeggeSWE says:

    So apperently this mod no longer works as it should, cant change piles and the load/unload dont show just a number that says (7.63M) so if anyone got a fix for that i would appriciate it cuz i like the mod alot

  9. George from The jungle says:

    Same problem here, i can’t get it to work , it doesn’t change the piles on the trailer, the autoload and unload doesn’t work it’s just piling logs over logs on the trailer and aren’t even visible, is just showing a number.

  10. Nils says:

    Loading works on the wrong side, it says right but it works than on the left side and for the left side it works on the right side.
    Also the trailer tilt in the opposite direction when you go to fast, on the other side its handy that the trailer will never flip over.

  11. Franz says:

    Loading and unloading works fine here (timber runner 15m) if you load it with the trailer.
    I tried to load it with a wheel loader, pick up the logs and bring them in the triggerzone of the trailer.
    After the stack is autoloaded on the trailer and I grab the other logs away from the trailer on the ground, the logs on the trailer (not all, just a pair or only one) lift up as I lift the others from the ground.
    I guess this is not right. Maybe it is because there is a log from a tree that lies on the trailer and another one on the ground and the script sees it as one piece.
    I hope my description is sufficient enough.

    Greetings and keep up the good work. 🙂

  12. Suldaku says:

    i cant download

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