Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood v1.1 FS19

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Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood v1.1 FS19

v1.1 – fixed multiplayer errors on dedicated server (tested)

This is 12m log trailer with autoload wood script (orig author Marhu). It has large space between forks, so it can be loaded by whell loader or big arm loader.
I converted it to FS19 and added function to move loading position forward/backward depending on logs length.

Start autoload – KEY_b
Start unload – KEY_x
Toggle sides (L/R) – KEY_o
Show / hide loading position – KEY_y
Move loding position – movingTool – AXIS_CRANE_ARM

kenny456 / Marhu / Dimanix

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23 Responses

  1. Maestros says:

    Can you make a simple, small trailer, like the cheapest one in the game (can’t remember the name) the one that starts with 4k capacity and ends up to 12k capacity, but also can be converted to a mini flatbed, so it can autoload egg boxes?

  2. kalle says:

    can u change the left to right and right to left u have mixed them up

  3. Touta says:

    I join Maestros on his idea, could be nice to autoload the egg boxes

  4. Glenn says:

    Any possebility to make it work with Xbox controller?

  5. nico prinsen says:

    Is it possible to make a pallet autoloader plz?

  6. Redax says:

    Somehow it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand what keyboard keys I should use.

  7. Touta says:

    The HUD don’t work if you put the trailer on a dolly

  8. Sponge1996 says:

    Hi, I have a little bug for you. If a dolly is attached, the key parameters are taken in the moddesc, so that the hologram is not displayed and the function, it works anyway. If a truck is attached, the script is accepted where the functions are visible. greetings

  9. Rico says:

    This is brillant ! Works perfectly !
    Thank you

  10. backfire says:

    can you add a trailer hitch do it so i can link a few together ?

  11. JFK says:

    When pressing the “Show loading position” key the following happens: All HUD items disappears, the local gameclient freezes, no loading point is showed – and a TON of LUA errors are produced locally. Our dedicated server isn’t affected, so others don’t see any issues – and no errors are produced on server.

    We have also tested with no other mods loaded to rule out modconflict, but still get same issue.

    Any idea if this will be fixed?

  12. Barti says:

    I have a problem with this mod. When I try connect this trailer with any trucks the game freezes and I can’t do anything. I have last verion this trailer v 1.1. Game version Could someone help me?

  13. Zappity says:

    Aftr update my commands are not working anymore

  14. Jamal says:

    Can y’all put this farming simulator 2019 please

  15. Noah says:

    Did not work on midwest horizons.

  16. Timmy says:

    The download link does not work for me help please

  17. Lutz says:

    The downloadlinks broken

  18. Pandasniper says:

    The download link is broken pls fix

  19. Shane says:

    Hi I would really want Ford tractors on the xbox and ps4

  20. Luis Vagner Bergmann Zahn says:

    ola.tem como instalar algum desses mods no farming simulator do xbox one?

  21. Oscar says:

    hey mate. on Mac, the roof and some other parts of the tractor are white instead of green. please could you fix that? cheers

  22. vac says:

    dont pick up logs on mp but if you put them on by hand and then unload them it does unload

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