Taylors Farm v1.1 FS19

Taylors Farm v1.1 FS19

Hey guys, This map was made for the players that liked my last map but wanted a standard size one done. Well I have spent some time on this now and hope you enjoy this one. I would like to thank Mike from GnG Modding for his help. Also and big thankyou to BOB Wrangler and JD for testing it and videos.

This map has a rar file that needs to be unziped. Inside is 2 ziped files. One is the map, the other is the multifruit silo. add them to your mod file and when you start your game, the silo will be on the farm.  If this is not to your liking. Delete it. To the rest, Enjoy.

Giants, Cazz64

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7 Responses

  1. LA Chicken Farmer says:

    Just started using the map. So far so good. Will there be a future version with more cops, such as tobacco, hemp, rice, etc?

  2. jamie rimmer says:

    the sell point dont work apart from the egg point

  3. BaldB0b says:

    Hi Cazz I really like this map for the size great for single player. 2 things I have trouble with is traffic on the wrong side of road and the 2 floating cars on or about field 13. Witch I can remove with giants editor. Thank you for all your hard work and I am a big fan of your work.

  4. Denhalen79 says:

    Just downloaded this great map. But I have a slight issue. According to your info, after unzipping the download file, the multifruit silo should appear on the map. But it didn’t. It is not there. Yet I can buy it and place it. What I did. But now I have no fruits to sell. I am going to load a new game, to see if it fixes itself.

  5. Jeff says:

    i cant even get the map to show on my game i downloaded it in my mods folder then unzipped it in the same place and still nothing

  6. Brad Butler says:

    i love the look of the map, ive downloaded it twice but for what ever reason after 5 or so it crashes and closes fs 19, i have all updated mb and graphics card .looks like a great map if i could get past the crashes .good job on the map wish i could figure out how to do it myself. thanks

  7. heapers@hotmail.com says:

    Will it be for a ps4

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