Swisstouch Map v1.0 FS19

Swisstouch Map v1.0 FS19

Hello dear Ls player
I have a new map of mine here.
It is a small and steep mountain map, which is designed for small to medium-sized farms and has 82 purchasable land with many fields, meadows and forest

Vorneweg, I’ve made the map for myself and my colleagues and therefore have only installed what we need to play, means there is no BGA installed, the fields are not marked, so there are no field missions and I have no Starthof and launch vehicles installed because we want to use the new feature of the LS 19.

Therefore, it is best to play the map in difficulty levels “Farm Manager” or “Start from scratch.”
The map has two courtyard areas, which are suitable for building a courtyard.
I hope you like the map and you enjoy it!
Maybe there is a V2 with improvements 🙂
The map may not be uploaded again without my permission, whether changed or unchanged!

Modell: Thomy_ToastIdee / Konzept: Thomy_Toast, FiatPowerSchweizTester: Thomy_Toast, FiatPowerSchweiz

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4 Responses

  1. olcay says:

    Just I love it!!! Congratulations and thank you. But there is no traffic and no pedestrians. Not at all. I will keep this map until it is updated. I hope you will fix this soon.

  2. johan says:

    Bonjour, rien a dire sur ta carte mais alors il y a un gros problème avec les deux emplacement pour mettres les fermes on ne peut pas instaler de batiment dessus, il faudrai résoudre se problème la.
    Après un peux de vie dessus serai pas mal mais avant ça résoudre le problème des emplacements des fermes qui sont inconstructible.

  3. mistadg says:

    bonjour je souahiaterais savoir si vous avez pas une version avec tous les batiment deja installer et pas de mapping a faire dessus?

  4. marijn rombouts says:

    hello, i have a problem with saving, if u save the game and i come back some of my placed building and all my tractor are gone. i really like this map but do you know how to fix this problem?

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