Straightening MOD v0.1.5.0 FS19

Straightening MOD v0.1.5.0 FS19

This mod is purely for lowering / raising the terrain in the game or to change the texture.

Sizes (size) in: 5×5
10×5 (gravel) / asphalt / concrete (congrete) / dirt (dirt) / sand) Ideal for
Paths / Perfect for building roads

Multiplayer support / Dedi server not tested
Folder cleaned /
log clean
New objects / new objects
Mod will continue as BETA because there are many options left
Have fun Unique stax92
Sharing only with original link

The blocks show you the size of the object.
If the object is set it will be deleted and you will get a flat surface with asphalt texture.
This mod is not a must but I think it is a relief to build his yard on uneven surfaces.
The mod is still in BETA status
Objects are from giants
Have fun with it

Modell: GiantsTextur: GiantsScript:Idee / Konzept: Unique alias Stax92

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16 Responses

  1. Coldlandlord says:

    looks good. why this wasn’t in the base game i don’t know. you are a star!! Is there any way to get rid of the boarders so each pad will mate up with the previous one without a divide?

  2. Jeff says:

    It should be grass and not asphalt, asphalt should be an option to add after.

  3. Derpy Derpson says:

    50x50m is broken, Too many object types error and game hang when selecting that terrain

  4. Derpy Derpson says:

    50M x 50M land placement tool comes up with a too many objects error and freezes the game

  5. GrumpyFarmer says:

    No grass?

  6. Rayc106 says:

    Works great, I used with a “place anywhere” mod and allowed me to use any size.
    Be careful around existing objects with height difference to not leave a gap underneath.

    One suggestion would be a smoothing feature to level terrain between tiles

  7. Zoo says:

    Where in my game can I find this function?

  8. Rajbir says:

    Farming Simulator 19

  9. Cosmin says:

    Surcel Cosmin

  10. Jashandeol says:

    Farming simulator 19 download karni hai kaise karun

  11. Yograj says:

    Licence verification kyo magta hai

  12. Yograj says:

    Licence verification ke liye kya karna chahiye

  13. Rohan says:

    This game is not download on android

  14. Bhushan Rithe says:

    Is it work on android

  15. Javed Ahmad says:

    Farming simulator

  16. Vikas Kumar says:

    Farmers simulator 19

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