Rehweiler Map v1.0 FS19

Rehweiler Map v1.0 FS19

I would like to present you here my Rehweiler Map (formerly Upper Glantal in the South Palatinate). It is very hilly and natural and not as flat as the standard maps. All fields and meadows are buyable and playable. The yard and the halls at the bio gas is not included as in the detail pictures. Since everyone has a different taste anyway, as a yard is to be built, I’ve made it so that all the starting buildings are completely salable. This creates a nice large flat area that everyone can put together his farm as he would like. Anyone can know where they can download the buildings anyway. I am happy to be on individual requests, for special changes to the map. For further questions I am gladly available. I do not want to write net longer than net, just download the map and have fun playing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

And another thing!
Retransmission only with the original download link.


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6 Responses

  1. Rico says:

    Great job !
    Just one remark, the workshop does not work (impossible to modify a tractor for example) and the place where the vehicules/tools appear at the shop is very tight (just in front of a wall : very difficult to move, especially with multiple items)

  2. MVG says:

    Great map.
    Just one remark. Adjust the pda, think its looking a litte too amatur.

  3. Kreuzer says:

    Hey, ich bin relativ neu in dem Spiel und liebe diese Karte, viele kleine Felder, auf denen man relativ schnell auch mal verschiedene Dinge anbauen kann, jedoch weiß ich nicht, wie oder wo ich auf der Map meine Frucht wie z.b. Mais verkaufen kann.

    LG Kreuzer

  4. Joel Thorstensson says:

    i cannt seem to plant trees? says theres to many ehn there isnt? any fix?

  5. JE says:

    Where do i need to sell my grains and all the other stuff?

  6. berthy says:

    il n’y a pas de points de ventes pour les cultures , donc jouer ne sert a rien sur cette map….

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