PSM TripleWideT4 40Pack v1.0.0.0 FS19

PSM TripleWideT4 40Pack v1.0.0.0 FS19

Here is my homer Triple wide t4-40  multifruite  on the road it well do 40 mph and harvesting 32 mph
the root crops are cotton potato sugar Beet beetroot sugar Cane wood Chips onion carrot cabbage red Cabbage lettuce
capacity = 1000000

NC raider papa smurfinator

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  1. Thrasil says:

    Very nice mod, thx a lot! Finally potato or root-harvesting makes sense and doesn’t take years 🙂
    Just one strange thing: with your mod came two new trailers of wich one for trucks with two “storages” – 500k + 500k, so 1kk in total storage. Sadly the back-storage isn’t working (and when filled, the bar of the front storage is being filled). I’ll explain myself: if you put stuff into the back-storage you can’t unload it anymore (not even if you click “unload here”). And the very strangest thing I noticed is, if you have any amount of stuff put into the back-storage of the trailer and accidentially put only 1 single unit of any other thing in it, all the previous amount suddenly disappears and is never to be seen again. The front-storage works all fine and can be unloaded, but if you fill it, the bar of the back-storage fills up…
    The 2nd trailer (the one carried by tractors) works perfectly and fine!

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