Project Niedersachsen, Vierfach Map v2.5.1 FS19

Project Niedersachsen, Vierfach Map v2.5.1 FS19

Welcome to the LS19 Project NDS (Lower Saxony) Version 2.5.1
This is a quad map that is also Sesonstauglich and for a great multiplayer experience is well there. It offers 137 arable land, 30 meadows, 4 forest areas, 22 sales points, grass missions, new fruits such as alfalfa and rye, etc., very generous open space for the farms and contractors! And visually she also has something to offer. For suggestions or criticism, I am happy to assist you.
What has happened so far: really zero mistakes, no really no more!
The second BGA rebuilt a bit!
The footprint of the dealer Optimized.
On the buyable courtyards the snowmask is removed as there are not so many buildings with snowmask to place (but will change soon)!
A much nicer and better PDA MA
At e.g. Trees that may hang in the air please send me the coordinates!
Furthermore, I am looking for my server or other players interested in just something nice on my wall writing (posts). So many know me and many can care me, I do not let me down and go on!

Flo0815 ( 0815 Gaming ) = Bau der MapChris ( Bauer Horst ) , Danke für die Freigabe der Windkraftanlagen!!!Ralf ( RCW - Gaming ) , Danke für die Unterstützung beim beseitigen der Fehler und am verbessern der PDA

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19 Responses

  1. Eric Ramakers says:

    Vielen Dank für diesen schönen map

  2. Hans Gorzkowski says:

    no sales points shown on the map !

    • DeHades says:

      Hopefully you’ve got it working now, but,just in case.. As Trucker2035 says further down in the post, rename the mod in your mod folder, the capital letters really do make a difference, and all works fine=) Hope this helps =)

  3. nalkirk says:

    Nefunkční prodejní místa. Nejsou avidět ani na “minimapě”. Fyzicky na mapě jsou.
    Kontroloval někdo mapu?

  4. Alessandro Carbonin says:

    there are no sell points for anything

  5. Sora ionut says:

    very nice map but no points of sale. can you tell me this problem?

  6. legobrammetje says:

    Sellpoints don’t work.

  7. MARCELO says:


  8. Trucker2035 says:

    Einfach den namen der zip datei ändern in LS19_Project_NDS und schon ist alles da

  9. DeHades says:

    Hopefully everyone that had issues with sell points not appearing on the map and any other issues have resolved it by now, but just in case, as Trucker2035 says, (not literally as I don’t speak German), you simply need to rename the .zip file in your mod folder to LS19_Project_NDS and everything is all there.. It’s a great map and I hope you all enjoy it, many thanks to the map maker and Trucker2035 for the tip =)

    • guto says:

      OBRIGADO DEU CERTO, se ele nao muda na primeira vez continua indo pro minusculo, tem q coloca qualquer outro nome dar enter e dai alterar
      fica nota 1000

  10. Søren Mortensen says:

    the sell point for eggs is in the zip folder but not on the map


  11. richard says:

    nice map. though such a huge map and a tiny little exit from the shop?

  12. Søren Mortensen says:

    egg sell point is missing i can find it in the map folder but it is not on the map

  13. NM says:

    nice map….greate work. i have some questions if you dont mind. why teraforming to put gras on fields is not working? the gras on the map we cant use it. the workers is not working on the gras fields. the map is greate and is a pleasure to play on it but we have problems and we dont know why. can you help us?

  14. George says:

    Where is the auto and people?

  15. Christoffer says:

    Hello a friend has the problem that he gets a game crash every time he tries to log on the map even i singel player.? any ide of what that can be doing that.. he has renamed it.

  16. Fred says:

    Can the file be renamed to fix the stores without losing progress? Currently hosting a MP server on the map.

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