Pilgrims Rest v.003 Fixed v003 FS19

Pilgrims Rest v.003 Fixed v003 FS19

In the heart of the Lowveld in South Africa, this is where you will find this old historical town called Pilgrims Rest, not that  there was a lot of resting going on as this town was founded in the gold rush days… On 22nd September 1873 Pilgrim’s Rest was officially proclaimed a gold field and the scatter of tents and elementary shacks soon grew into a flourishing little village complete with sturdy brick houses, shops, churches, canteens, a newspaper and the well-known Royal Hotel.

Some of these can be found and seen in my latest map. It has 29 fields, multifruit and everything you need to farm like crazy… in this old gold diggers town… check the photos and video for more info and decide if this is where you want to farm…

Field Sizes:

Field 1 (field01) :
2.135 ha

Field 2 (field02) :
2.070 ha

Field 3 (field03) :
2.003 ha

Field 4 (field04) :
3.937 ha

Field 5 (field05) :
4.536 ha

Field 6 (field06) :
7.180 ha

Field 7 (field07) :
6.109 ha

Field 8 (field08) :
6.756 ha

Field 9 (field09) :
2.520 ha

Field 10 (field10) :
0.764 ha

Field 11 (field11) :
0.473 ha

Field 12 (field12) :
0.836 ha

Field 13 (field13) :
0.510 ha

Field 14 (field14) :
0.541 ha

Field 15 (field15) :
0.580 ha

Field 16 (field16) :
0.236 ha

Field 17 (field17) :
0.272 ha

Field 18 (field18) :
0.479 ha

Field 19 (field19) :
0.836 ha

Field 20 (field20) :
0.761 ha

Field 21 (field21) :
1.821 ha

Field 22 (field22) :
0.570 ha

Field 23 (field23) :
0.722 ha

Field 24 (field24) :
0.585 ha

Field 25 (field25) :
3.025 ha

Field 26 (field26) :
0.551 ha

Field 27 (field27) :
1.205 ha

Field 28 (field28) :
14.735 ha

Field 29 (field29) :
7.465 ha

Yazu for the blank mapGiants for the cool game and editorBlender for an amazing 3D modeling package

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