Peterbilt 379 dump V3 Final FS19

Peterbilt 379 dump V3 Final FS19

edit: i have made a final version of the peterbilt 379 dump
rescaled the whole truck
added 3 custom paint jobs
and fixed the tags from slowing down the truck when put down
added grill teeth
added light up Grill teeth
added skulls to the mirrors and hood of cab
and all the skulls light up
added a 3rd bed option to make up all the mistakes ive had with verson 2
and fixed fill planes on the halfRound and fixed the lights
remeber to only use the exhaust for the halfround box and new box  the stock piling bed need to have the short exhaust only
and same with the bed lights
for the new bed it needs to be NewBed then the color
for the half round it will need to be halfround  then the color
and for the stock piling bed it will need to be  the color with the word lights here a example  PurpleLights
also make the breaking little better so you can enjoy the jake break
hello and welcome back to pierceCustoms here i present to you my Peterbilt 379 dump truck  it has 20 configurations the list of configurations are
HeadLight 379
Bed option
engine setup
has lots of lights to choose from and it hold up to 600 000 liters of material with the compacity opion and 70 000 liter being the lowest you can choose and has a option for none for hauling wood or stone it has  halfRoundBed exhaust (PLEASE NOTE) if you choose the exhaust on the stockpiling bed the exhaust will seep thru the cab protection   so please make sure you only use the exhaust for the halfRound Bed   the default exhaust is for the stockpiling bed
also it has new run sound and matching tires and matching tag axles  and free swinging tailgate that lets you keep going and empty the box quick
it has bed lights to choose from (PLEAE NOTE) that each bed has there own bed lights make sure you use the right ones the stockpiling bed will be named the color and the halfRoundBed will have the lights named HalfRound then the color
has 4 bed options here the list
stockpiling bed
halfRound bed
the snow boxes has boards that change color with the boards color options
has 4 color options one being the main other being design one for tarp and one for boards
the cost  of the vehicle is $800  but with addons will cost more
fuel compacity is 880
kph is 130

Bcbuhler PierceCustoms credits for Justin Wies for the free swinging tailgate and col to make it haul wood or Rock Expendables Modding for the permission of the peterbilt 379 cab also aj deere for the permission of the snow boards and mudflaps

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