Patch v1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows FS19

Patch v1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows FS19

Hello everyone,

Since the release of Farming Simulator 19, we have been hard on a patch to correct the most recurring issues.

We’ve just created a beta branch on Windows for you to test this patch before its official release on all platforms.

Please ensure that you backup your save folder from the default branch manually. This beta may prevent you from continuing your gameplay progress if going back to the default branch.

The save folder is located:
C:\Users\[PCNAME]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019

How to access to this beta branch?
Be sure you have your save file backups
Right click on “Farming Simulator 19” in your Steam Library
Go into properties
Select “Beta” tab
Select “patch1.2.0_beta”

Your title will be automatically updated.

Please feel free to give us your feedback with regards to this beta branch. If you encounter issues, please send us an email with your log and DxDiag.

Note that this is a beta branch, and you may encounter some issues. If these issues persist, you can always roll back to the default version at any time.

How to roll back to the default branch?

Right click on “Farming Simulator 19” in your Steam Library
Go into properties
Select “Beta” tab
Select “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs”

Your title will be automatically updated.

Here is today’s patch notes:

[ADDED] Landscaping feature
[ADDED] Economic difficulty option
[ADDED] Support for mapping button combos besides the gamepad trigger buttons
[ADDED] In-game voting for mods
[ADDED] Combine rpm increase if the combine unloads
[ADDED] Selling of potato pallets
[ADDED] AI detection of tipped heaps

[IMPROVED] AI on angled edges
[IMPROVED] Mapping with devices not recognized by the game
[IMPROVED] Vehicle sounds
[IMPROVED] Combines can now be folded if just a small amount is loaded
[IMPROVED] Tree pickup of log grabs

[FIXED] Shading issues in some specific light/viewer combinations
[FIXED] Disappearing animals after starting a dedicated server again
[FIXED] Horse price issue when selling multiple horses at the same time
[FIXED] Egg pallets don’t appear correctly
[FIXED] Unlimited food after cleaning in front of a trough
[FIXED] The mower BIG M450 can’t be refueled
[FIXED] The header NH 3162 Draper 45ft doesn’t work well with NH CR10.90
[FIXED] Väderstad Tempo V 8 doesn’t work well in slopes
[FIXED] TT Multicultivator 5-in-1 doesn’t work well in slopes
[FIXED] Clients have access to all vehicles from all farms
[FIXED] Unable to start a dedicated server
[FIXED] The camera is desynced from vehicle
[FIXED] Wear speed if washing is disabled
[FIXED] Issues with combines harvesting multiple fruit types
[FIXED] Engine sound in multiplayer
[FIXED] AI overtaking to other fields with small working widths
[FIXED] AI working width New Holland FDR 600
[FIXED] AI turn direction issues with cultivator and sowing machine attached together
[FIXED] Bale mounting on Fliegl Butterfly and Fliegl DPW
[FIXED] Delayed lowering of pipe for potato harvesters (Ropa Keiler 2, Grimme SE 280)
[FIXED] Crash on Mac OS X when saving screenshot

If your game is updated to 1.2.0, you will only see multiplayer games that are also in 1.2.0.
Thus, you won’t be able to connect to dedicated servers still in 1.1.0.

Many thanks,

The Farming Simulator Team

Farming simulator

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24 Responses

  1. Roger Morneault says:

    hi all why my Giants Editor not working its from CD game

  2. ElonM says:

    How to install this to cracked client?

  3. Chris Gardner says:

    Tom, its not theft, its piracy. There is a big difference. Second…If they were so hard against piracy, they wouldnt put in code that says “buy the game” every hour, instead, they would put in a code that closes the game every hour and adds code to the save file that corrupts it.

  4. Nuno says:

    my game is installed in Portuguese, I can not install the update, it is not possible to unload only the folders?

  5. lucas says:

    nao consigo achar codigo para liberar a beta na minha stean meu jogo e original

  6. Crackie says:

    its says “farming simulator 17 (English) is not installed” what shall I do?

    • Francisco says:

      you first need do install the update v1.1.1 and update v1.1.3, just after you install that version you can instal the v1.2!

  7. DoYouKnowDaWae says:


  8. greg says:

    Do i have to install all the other updates before this one?

  9. Vijai says:

    farming simulator 17 (English) is not installed pls help

  10. yusuf says:

    farming similatör 17 (Türkçe) kurum hata veriyor.
    ne alakası var
    naslı çözecem hatayı.

  11. Ion says:

    simulator de fermă 17 (engleză) nu este instalat aceias problema

  12. izak maartens says:

    I am playing FS15 FS17 and now FS 19. I do not complain just giving something to think about. My feeling is that FS19 has got more problems than FS15 and FS17. FS19 is slightly better on graphics but the lack of farms which are running smooth. I also thought that FS19 should start where FS17 ended. Better farms with exstra production facilities where you can produce sugar from suger beat and fuel from combination of Sunflower Canola etc. Please guys we must go forward and not start where FS15 were a couple of years ago. FS19 is great and file sizes are smaller so there are a big positive starting to happen. Maybe i want every thing to happen in one day. I enjoy farming.

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