Oakfield Farm 19 v1.0.0.0 FS19

Oakfield Farm 19 v1.0.0.0 FS19

Welcome to Oakfield Farm. This map is based in Gloucestershire uk.

– This map includes all animals built into the map.
– Two farms (Cows and Sheep) (Pigs and Chickens).
– Realistic map with everything from the real life area modelled and positioned.
– New plough texture.
– Detailed interior farm house
– 3 sell points,BGA etc.
– 47 fields small/medium/large which are all to scale and correctly positioned from real life.
– Real google image PDA map.
– Over 100 models made by myself.
– Forestry,sawmill area and missions all included.
– Various custom sounds across the map.
– Multi terrain angle (pc only)
– lighting 1.1 tweaked from marwell to combat shadows being to dark.

I Hope you all like this map.


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17 Responses

  1. Dave73 says:

    Been trying all day and cannot get this map to show up in game, yet Mysslingen works fine.

  2. rhys says:

    is there anywhere on the map for horses ?

  3. rhys flegg says:

    Is there anywhere for horses on this map ?

  4. Vaidas Drulia says:

    Anyone experience lack of CoNTRACTS ?

  5. douka says:

    can’t save this map, please help!!!

  6. Hubcap says:

    Has the error with no cow trigger / sheep trigger in Farm Manager Mode been Fixed ?

  7. M.W.Doak Agri says:

    There is a place for horses

  8. Ricardo says:

    Had an issue with Courseplay in Field 15. Created a harvest course and irt worked fine. Saved the game. Loaded again, and put the harvest to finish the work left. The harvester went on threshing the crop at high speed, dis not stop when the combine was full. Had to delete the course and create another one again. Worked fine again. Dont no if I load again the issue will be back or not. Anyone had the same issue?

  9. Maidenb1 says:

    Please remove the spitfires? They appear at the start then roughly every 30 mins. Very silly.

  10. fabio says:

    o mods nao aparece no jogo pk?

  11. Fofo Cowley says:

    The first UK style map I really like and I play (after some minor edit). I like continental maps more but this is good work! But there is no cattle points/triggers appearing when starting in hard mode.

  12. Marcos junior says:

    O mapa só aparece no meu jogo quando altero o modesc.xml para 40.
    Quando inicio a carreira no modo administrador e faço meu primeiro save game, o jogo fica carregando eternamente e nao sai dessa tela. como corrijo esse problema ?

  13. Rich says:

    Planted oats. Now Oakfield crashing to desktop anytime I go near those two fields with oats growing. Nothing in log. I already disabled all mods and loaded. Still crashing. Runs fine until you get anywhere near those fields. Ideas?

  14. calama says:

    no me aperece el mapa en el juego ayuda

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