MountainHill2021 4-fach v7.0 FS19

MountainHill2021 4-fach v7.0 FS19

– Start vehicles sorted (ID)
– Pelletizer with halls added (addon straw collection)
– Fixed bug with Seasons (fields now empty at start)
– Bug in the Bergbauer yard snow roof removed
– all field approaches processed (better with AD)
– all fields (FieldDimension) adjusted
– PDA renewed
– Traffic AI traffic added
– Deco vehicles added
– Deco trees added or removed
– Adjusted consumption for Digestate (Precision Farming)
– Bridges a little wider

Here is my new MountainHill2021 (Seasons, Precision and ManureSystem Ready)
It is a 4-way map that offers many possibilities.
Of course, the map has been tested and works without errors or log entries.
Pictures say more than a thousand words and the modder is happy about a “thumbs up and a few asterisks”. Thanks in advance.
AutoDrive course for the MountainHill2021_V7
Here are a few brief key data about the map.
– 4 ways to start a new game, depending on how you start, you own different properties. Everything that is not included at the start (fields, forests, productions) must first be bought before you can farm or use them.
– Seasons GEO is integrated (RM-Seasons must be in the mod folder)
– except for the sales outlets and villages you have to buy everything else (depending on the start)
– 11 different sales outlets
– 14 different productions
– 3 gas stations
– 95 different fields from small to large (also meadows)
– 60 pieces of forest that can be bought, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller
– With Seasons, the map also changes (not only trees, but also roofs, snow poles, ice, etc.) in spring, summer, autumn and winter

You can buy various fruits at Raiffeisen and in the AVIA shop.
E.g. hops, wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers, soybeans, oats, rye, rice, poppy seeds, triticale, rabbits, millet, straw and silage
What, where in which silo fits, place digital ads or just try it out.
Write me a PM if you should find errors or objects that are still floating above the ground.
Please only offer the map on other forums with the original download link.
Now I wish you a lot of fun with the map.

Required Mods:
GlobalCompany by LS-ModCompany

Optional required mods (but beneficial):
GAE Cowshed by LS-ModCompany
Precision Farming Addon:
Slurry System
Global Market Logistics Center from LS-ModCompany
GlobalCompany – GlobalMarket – EXE

Opportunity log & innovations:
– Changes to farmlands (prices)
– fieldMapIndicator adjusted

– Fixed bug with all triggers of the sales outlets
(Triggers were in the ground)

– Sleep trigger changed for Lohni, Bergbauer and Ruine
– SoilMap for PrecisionsFarming refined
– Fixed small xml errors at the Bergbauer farm
– Removed overhead line at Bergbauer
– Fixed bug with lighting of productions and sales points
– Added purchase trigger to AVIA
– You can now buy from Raiffeisen and Avia
Hops, wheat, barley, corn, sunflowers, soybeans, oats, rye, rice, poppy seeds, triticale,
Rabs, millet, straw and silage
Purchase prices factor 2.35 from the sales price
– Changed a few traffic signs
– Added decorative trees

– Errors in the item.xml file (Errors)
Unfortunately I forgot to update the files in V3 🙁 Sorry

– Enlarged water trigger at the cattle dealer
– Moved the straw / bale trigger at the livestock dealer
– Fixed bug with plane (Error: Index not found: plane)
– stationary baler removed (Running LUA method ‘loadSharedI3DFileFinished’ bug fixed, CP version works now)
– Changes made to the silage production due to CourcePlay errors

New savegame required (unless you go into the savegame and delete the stationary baler in vehicles.xml)

– Helicopter quieter
– SiloDisplays h

Sugar factory: El Cid Dairy: LS19 Giants Brewery: LS11 GE mapping (Sil3nt-G4m3r) Balelager: The eggs Heating plant: from LS15 Grain stores from Giants Garden center: LS11 GE mapping (Sil3nt-G4m3r) Large yard silo: BernieSCS Concrete bunker set: Kastor and d-s-agrarservice Warehouses: Dogface SeedTower: The Hop Farmer Pallet factory: Susi and Wingi Sawmill: Susi and Wingi Grain mill: from LS19 BGA: from LS19 Warehouse: from LS15 Hall composter and wood chopper: Lancyboi FarmHouse: Edwards_Modding Horse, pig, sheep and chicken coop DonDiego Map: DonDiego00 Helicopter: Edwards_Modding TrafficCars: Dutch-Modding

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